Sikhs of New York set Guinness World Record of tying 9000 turbans in 8 hours

The Turban Day has been organized in New York from 2013 onwards.

Sikhs of New York, an organization promoting the Sikh religion, set a new world record by tying thousands of turbans within eight hours at the annual Turban Day held at Times Square in New York on April 7.

Thousands of Sikh community members from across the US reached Time Square to participate in the record-breaking event. Several Americans and tourists also took part in this year’s annual Turban day.

The program was aimed at creating awareness about the Sikh religion and its customs and beliefs amid increasing incidents of hate crimes targeting the Sikhs. Volunteers from the community tied colorful turbans on New Yorkers and tourists while explaining the religion.

About 9000 turbans were tied in eight hours to make it a Guinness World Record. Representatives from Guinness World Record judged the event and handed over a certificate to the co-coordinators.

“On behalf of the team of Sikhs of NY, we want to thank everyone that came from far and near to support our cause yesterday! We were truly overwhelmed to see the support of 1,300+ volunteers and many more participants,” the Sikhs of New York said on their website.

“Also, we would like to congratulate everyone around the world for creating a new Guinness World Record of “Most Turbans Tied in 8 hours,” it added.

According to the group, the purpose of this campaign is to bring awareness among all Americans and other World citizens about Sikhism and Turban and to help correct misperceptions about turban through which the Sikhs share the values of love, faith, equality and social justice.

The Turban Day has been organized in New York from 2013 onwards.

“On Turban Day, we tied turbans regardless of age, color, gender or race. These are core Sikh values and American values that make us Sikh Americans. Our diversity is our strength.” Chanpreet Singh, the founder of the organization said.

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