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Amma to hold special prayer for world peace in DC area on July 2

Mata Amritanandamayi. Photo credit:

By Ken Steben

The visit will be the Indian spiritual leader’s 22nd visit to the nation’s capital.

Spiritual leader, humanitarian and visionary Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi, known throughout the world simply as Amma, has served the world-community for decades, imparting wisdom, strength and inspiration.  Through her extraordinary acts of love, inner strength and self-sacrifice, Amma has endeared herself to millions and inspired thousands to follow in her path of selfless service.

Truly a global citizen, Amma holds free public programs throughout the world. In her talks, she offers words of wisdom and guidance on both personal fulfillment as well as the most pressing matters of our time.

From climate change to terrorism, cross-cultural tensions to poverty and women’s rights, Amma’s observations invite each of us to get involved in the process of rebuilding a concerned and caring society.

The most personally accessible spiritual leader alive today, Amma concludes her programs by embracing each person attending the event. When people pour out their hearts to Amma, she offers them emotional solace, spiritual guidance, and concrete solutions to their problems. Receiving Amma’s embrace, many feel inspired to offer selfless service to those in need. In this way, this simple yet powerful act – a mother’s embrace – has become both catalyst and symbol for the growing international network of humanitarian initiatives that is Embracing the World.

This summer will be Amma’s 22nd visit to the Washington D.C. area. Her programs include inspirational music, meditation, spiritual discourse, and personal blessings. Both program days there is a morning program beginning at 10 am and an evening program starting at 7 pm. On July 2nd, the evening program is a special prayer for world peace called Devi Bhava. Plan on arriving at least 90 minutes before the program to receive a free token if you would like to have Amma’s embrace.

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  1. These Hocus-Pocus Spiritual leaders are really disgrace for India and it is sad that highly educated Indians keep mum and don’t expose them and their heinous activities. This Amma is one of such spiritual leaders.

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