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Why is a newer Pakistan a prosperous Pakistan?

Never in the history of the world were there so many free frontiers of expansion, so many new free technologies and so many billions of accessible customers.

Naseem Javed

Key questions, key answers and what other nations can learn: Today, in Pakistan, the recent successful democratic election and the upbeat mood of the populace speaks volumes. The public is energized, motivated and hopeful; a rare combination in this political climate and a great chance to deliver on new thinking and on new promises.  The agendas of creating grassroots prosperity are on the forefront and the mobilization of entrepreneurialism to turn around the economy and quadruple exportability are now ready for a solution.

Never in the history of the world were there so many free frontiers of expansion, so many new free technologies and so many billions of accessible customers. Never in the history of Pakistan have there been so many talented people, business ideas and opportunity on creative highways simultaneously leading to prosperity. Today’s success is not measured in how big a business is but rather leadership’s agility and flexibility. How fast it can serve the micro-power-nations of the world, connect with billions, engage with anxious nations, waiting to fair international trade. The challenges are superb product innovation, smartest global marketing and creating umbrellas of free flow technologies… walled stodgy factories are old models, high rise bureaucracies are now liabilities.

Pakistan is ready and the world awaits fast paced and sustainable superior performance.

All over the world during the last couple of decades, oversized bureaucracies only created economic structures that resembled trees without fruits and branches without leaves. Equally, all over the world, the mantras of innovation are simmering down, partially due to the lack of commercialization, lack of monetization and lack of entrepreneurialism. The fact that entrepreneurial execution is always the most critical missing link as without it greatest ideas stay rolled up as expensive Intellectual Property collecting dust.

The Debates: On Friday, September 7, 2018, at Ramada Plaza in Karachi, Plaza, Octara Debates will explore the critically missing links to grassroots prosperity and rules of engagements demanded to quadruple exports and innovative excellence of the mid-size enterprises of the nation. 50 VIP from Pakistan will engage in a 12-hour noon to midnight debate with LIVE and free simulcast to 50,000 enterprises across the nation and overseas. VIP Panelist and Women Entrepreneurs from various countries are being selected by Octara.

This bold and candid debate will raise some serious questions in this national exchange designed to attract 5000 mid-size enterprises owners, founders and next generation leaders to reflect on the greatest opportunities that lie ahead. Octara is one of the divisions of TCS Pakistan, www.octara.com
download White Paper on “national solution” the broadcasted debates will provide ample opportunities to realign thought leadership and create a new thinking going forward

A specialized white paper on this topic entitled the “National Solution to Quadruple Exportability and Innovative Excellence in Pakistan” has been released. www.expothon.com

Key questions in discussions: How can we create an organization that’s capable to mobilize the entire organization like a giant dragon, where each part moves in synchronized fast forward motion? How can Trade Associations and Chambers become 24x7x365 alive high-performance global marketing machines, how can they deploy technology to open new markets? How can the Government’s economic programs become 24x7x365 superior command and control, how can they become ultra-modern by free global access and create a national demand? Expothon the thought leadership on ‘national mobilization of entrepreneurialism’ has already tabled free and special digital platforms customized for Chambers and major national trade association to make their member shine and create international bounce.

How newer Pakistan will become a prosperous Pakistan?
By bold discussions, by national debates, by tabling solid answers and by mobilizing the hidden national talents of entrepreneurs and especially the business women. The more we disuses the closer we get to prosperity. Therefore, we are mandated to raise the awareness and ask forbidden questions. What’s stopping the enterprises and their leadership from expanding globally? How are the entrepreneurs coping and what’s missing in their talent pools? What are the critical skill gaps and how can they be filled? How fast is fast enough and what’s global age speed? What are the readily available solutions and methodologies today? Why is Pakistan so ready for the mobilization of national entrepreneurialism?

When do we start and mobilize our national agenda of entrepreneurialism?

There are already one hundred million mid-size businesses across Asia, most performing at the US$5 million to $50 million level. They are eager to quadruple exportability and innovative excellence and are excited to become the world’s largest combined economic force. Pakistan’s program is sharply focused on 5,000 mid-size businesses representing 80% of the economic pulse. While other nations watch, Pakistan is taking a bold lead by attempting to mobilize national entrepreneurialism and raise grassroots prosperity. Here is some overview as Expothon Strategy steps in to deliver mobilization and deployment platforms. What does it take to achieve this?

Top Ten transformational trends

Deploy all free technologies or get ready to eliminate 90% of your business values in the coming years. Nothing will withstand the power of free-flowing technologies.

Mobilize entrepreneurialism by accepting failures as steps of the success ladders and showcase experienced entrepreneurs before they reach the top. Academia, media and banking will all become the lapdogs of a super-successful entrepreneur who was once previously rejected by these same outlets.

Framed degrees on the wall acts as proof of knowledge, but why is such expensive knowledge not being implemented in the world today?  Education is a must, but assuming it is the only way to achieve prosperity is faulty thinking. Risk taking, creativity, a goal-oriented mindset are more powerful tools in today’s new landscape.

Open a new market every day using global internet access, not understanding how it’s done is the proof of stagnant exports and innovative excellence. Acquire meticulous knowledge what the global age world looks like and see the new trends emerging.

Delete the Julian Calendar from your business planning because 9-5 Monday to Friday is now a dead model. Why restrict your natural progress to a mode of operation that was relevant sixty years ago? Seasonal attitudes toward performance are proof of sluggish growth. Global business never sleeps.

Work as less as possible but work as smart as imaginable and try to become smarter in each following day. Spend more time thinking and less time processing. Super-smartness will liberate you from the grounded working-traps and usher you into creative nirvana.

White collar advanced level work will be done by free advanced technologies. Leave the fancy desk and discover creativity and entrepreneurialism. Discover hobbies and relearn to advance them into becoming professional hobbyist. Many successful entrepreneurs are also artists and vice-versa.

Make lemonade stands mandatory for every kid in early schools for them to understand the basic business model and joy of running an enterprise. The fear that children becoming smarter than their teachers is old Victorian models and such ghosts and goblins should be eradicated. The smart digital world needs smart thinkers, not robotic workers.

Learn to hire and fire on merit, but first go for honesty, loyalty and open-ended visions. Narrow mindedness will sink ships. Today only those that understand change and are open for rapid adoption will survive the rest have already become redundant.

The global arena has changed; the walls of the coliseum have become larger and more participants have been granted entry. There are simply new competitors in the fight for global economic supremacy, and the old hierarchy has been challenged. The total of micro nations provides more power than superpower nations, learn to open dialogue and achieve a new wisdom of globalization. Smaller economies may be many times bigger and smarter than massive nations.

Reinvent yourself now during this year with a plan to rapidly improve your performance towards a new world by 2020. It’s arriving in less than 500 days. No one will help you more than free technologies and your own smart thinking, relearn, rediscover and open yourself for a full realignment. Embrace the new tools at your disposal, they are the culmination of 200 years of research and development.

The new world will change again, and again… and will not wait for any superpower nation.

(Naseem Javed, Chairman Mentorian Worldwide, the developers of Expothon Strategy and National Mobilization of Entrepreneurialism Protocols. He is leading a worldwide movement on how to create ‘supremacy of innovative excellence and business leadership performance’ via high speed ‘mass market penetration strategy implementation modules’. His latest work is getting global attention. He is a corporate philosopher, a world-class speaker, syndicated columnist and author of several books. He is building a global network of high quality Mentorian Ambassadors.)


  1. Come on and give us a break, mister. IF you ever knew about the “Dual government system” of Lord Clive in Bengal (1765-1772) you could somehow understand how Imran Khan and military dominated present Pakistani government would function. Can Imran Khan say NO to anything that Pakistan Military would want him to do? Imran Khan may be an honest man (?) but how much it can help the country to prosper when his hands are tightly bonded to take serious action on anything. Nevertheless, I wish your dream comes true and may Imran Khan succeed to make Pakistan a happy and a prosperous country.

  2. Wow! True…well worded with punchy one-liners!

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