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Is Pakistan out to set an example?

Naseem Javed
Naseem Javed

In exclusive partnership with Octara of Pakistan, Expothon Worldwide from Canada just finished a 12-hour marathon debate.

FACT: Chambers of Commerce and Trade Associations all across West have not performed well when it comes to showcasing their members; the fee structure excludes small and mid-size members from the spotlight. Today with dazzling technology and critical need for global bounce this is now a serious matter.

Over centuries, these Chambers and Trade Associations have done wonders when it comes to trade policies, tariffs and custom lobbying but as artificial intelligence and blockchain takes over these old institutions have some realignments to do unless they adopt global digital platforms to boost commerce.

FACT: Unknown to LinkedIn, today all over the corporate world LinkedIn is about to become the largest Trade body and Chamber, as they already have some billion profiled all in need of JUST adding their products, services, exportability and trading options… basically, a super Alibaba in snoozing.

In exclusive partnership with Octara of Pakistan, Expothon Worldwide from Canada just finished a 12-hour marathon debate on such matters. The debates can be watched on the websites.

The Octara Debates: Focused on 5,000-50,000 mid-sized enterprises in Pakistan, searching for a “national solution” to transform mid-size business owners into global age experts. Octara is now hosting a bold and powerful series of high-class debates for mid-size business owners across the nation.

The opening questions: For the entirety of the last decade, Pakistan has only contributed to 1% of the globe’s total exports. Imagine the implications if this number was doubled, tripled or even quadrupled. What are the top three solutions and actions to be taken to make this goal an achievable reality?

What will happen to the 5,000 mid-size enterprises in Pakistan with a $5-50 million turnover if global exports are quadrupled? The technology available across the globe is unparalleled, and the world is wide open for a greater quality of goods and services. What is stopping Pakistan’s entrepreneurs from capitalizing on this new trend?

The long-term objectives: Expothon digital platform of perpetual prosperity is designed to identify the owners and founders of smart enterprises that are already conducting a turnover of $1-10 Million USD per year. Expothon national programs are designed to assist owners to quadruple their exportability by adopting new skill sets for faster innovation. They will also position improved, global age communications and begin a dialog to open new doors to forge new alliances, investments and revenues.

The refined methodologies: Expothon will showcase a select group of 5000 mid-size enterprises on its perpetual prosperity platform. This will allow for the construction of a dialog with other national and global markets. Offered as a FREE service to selected enterprises via major Trade Associates and Chambers of Commerce, these founders will be able to participate without charge or obligation in global age dialogs and begin a constructive progression to new horizons.  The biggest impediment to growth is not a lack of funding, but rather the lack of depth, the lack of stamina and the lack of innovative excellence. Pakistan is now ready to transform in a magical way. Other nations have already done these many times over. Deploy the blueprints and dance with technology.

Calling Pakistani Diaspora: the time has come to take a closer look…

The Deployment: What is required is an ongoing and regular programs and discussions oriented to create deep immersion. The owners of such enterprises need to absorb many aspects in some synchronized patterns so they can uplift their own performance. The transformation protocols that are being offered address and challenge the current “speed” and “execution” models, which are now a hidden enemy in the vastness of the global age. Disciplined and regimented processes create a sharp rise in expansion methodologies with no additional investments.

The Example: Now how can Pakistan set a great example; in a bold move Expothon has offered all chambers and trade associations free-digital-platform to showcase 10,000 to 100,000 key mid-size exporters with their key products and services so they become highly visible. These platforms will create international bounce with other small, medium and larger markets around the world. The future is hidden in digital exposure, access and bullet speed response while the rest will become yesterday’s news.

Pakistan has the opportunity, the right combinations and timings. PM Imran Khan and PTI leadership is seeking harmonious growth. Hard work and focused approach are critical prerequisite.

(Naseem Javed is Chairman, Expothon Worldwide.) 

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