Indian student dies in a pool accident at University of Rhode Island

Suhail Habeeb
Suhail Habeeb

Suhail Habeeb is the second Indian student to die in the United States in two days.

An Indian student died in the campus pool of the University of Rhode Island, on Sunday, the second such drowning death of Indian students in two days.

Suhail Habeeb died following an accident that took place in a Tootell Physical Education Center pool on the Kingston Campus of the university.

According to reports, staff from Campus Recreationn, URI Police Department, and URI Emergency Medical Services (EMS) responded to the accident on Sunday around late afternoon. When the emergency services arrived, they found the lifeguards performing CPR on Habeeb. He was transported to a local hospital where he was identified and pronounced dead.

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The University of Rhode Island posted a message condoling Habeeb’s death on its website. The statement read: “The University of Rhode Island is saddened to report that one of its international students, Suhail Habeeb, a graduate student in physics from India, died Sunday, Feb. 24, following an incident that occurred in a Tootell Physical Education Center pool on the Kingston Campus. Staff from Campus Recreation, URI Police Department, and URI Emergency Medical Services responded to Tootell at about 4:30 p.m. on Sunday. URI Police and EMS were dispatched and arriving units found lifeguards performing CPR on a male individual.  The individual was transported by EMS to South County Hospital where he was later identified and pronounced deceased. The University extends its deepest condolences to Habeeb’s family, friends and colleagues. He had been enrolled at the University since Fall 2016.”

According to Providence Journal, around the same time when the incident happened, Rob Levine, a personal injury lawyer was swimming at the University’s Tootell Physical Education Center pool and assisted in the rescue attempt. Levine was quoted as saying in Providence Journal: “I got out of the pool, went up to the lifeguard and you could see someone at the bottom of the pool. “I assisted in pulling him out, evaluated his status and determined he was in cardiac arrest,” Levine said. “We all started doing CPR together. Two men came up to help. Everyone worked well together.” Then they hooked the victim up to an automatic external defibrillator, but Levine was quoted as saying in the Journal that Habeeb had no pulse and wasn’t breathing.

According to Habeeb’s LinkedIn profile, he was also the graduate teaching assistant at Rhode Island University. Prior to that, he was a graduate teaching assistant at Boston College. Before coming to the United States, he had worked in Noida, India, as an engineer. Habeeb had completed his Bachelor’s in Technology and Masters in Technology from Jamia Millia Islamia in New Delhi.

On Saturday, Linto Philip, who was enrolled for a master’s at University of Texas in Dallas died after his kayak capsized in Lake Ray Hubbard.


  1. Tanay Mishra

    The United States needs to STOP issuing visas to students from India. This is where the pipeline starts – with the student visas issued to millions and millions of indians from their southern state called Tealangan or whatever, birthplace of all the fake resumes, bogus job candidates and visa frauds. Not surprisingly they’re accused of pulling off similar scams in Canada, New Zealand, UK and Australia whose authorities are also hot on the heels of these specimens from India Inc. Enough already. Send them all back.

    • You seem to be having issues reading news in right sense. STOP spreading dirt coming from your mouth on news sites first. Looks like he found nothing to comment on the last two deaths in water other than blaming Indians or students from Telengana. I feel sorry for your condition Mishra. Please get a life!

      RIP Suhail Habeeb.

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