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International student from India dies in Dallas after his kayak capsizes

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Linto Philip
Linto Philip

23-year-old Linto Philip came to the United States four months ago to enroll for master’s degree at UT.

A young Indian student in Dallas, Texas, met with a tragic end when a kayaking trip went wrong. Linto Philip was kayaking with his friends on Saturday afternoon at Lake Ray Hubbard when his kayak drifted into troubled waters. According to the Dallas police, the kayak capsized after it hit the troubled waters.

The Dallas Fire-Rescue crews were called out to the lake and they located the missing kayak along with Philip’s body. He was recovered and taken to a hospital where he died. Philip’s body has been taken for medical examination. The other kayakers are doing okay.

Philip came to the United States four months ago to enroll for a master’s at University of Texas in Dallas.

Philip’s parents, Susan Philip, P.M. Philip, are from the village of Pennukkar in Chengannur, in Kerala’s Alappuzha district. They both live in Dubai.

Dallas News, quoting one of Philips friends, Harsh Gosar, reported that Philip was earning a master’s degree at University of Texas in Dallas. According to a LinkedIn profile, Philip studied Master of Science in Supply Chain Management.

Philip’s body will be flown to India after a viewing at the Sehion Mar Thoma Church in Plano, Texas.

Lake Ray Hubbard, formerly known as Forney Lake, is a freshwater reservoir in Dallas and is a popular local recreation spot.


5 thoughts on “International student from India dies in Dallas after his kayak capsizes”

  1. Tanay Can you please be a little sensitive at this time ? Like do you even know how it feels to lose a loved one ? Does it make it less painful to lose someone just because he is from a certain part of the world ? Your dumbness surprises me. How you have totally made something so tragic and personal , so political and unnecessary . I really hope you never face how it is to lose a loved one in a untimely way. Learn to be sensitive and kinder , you definitely don’t have even a bit of idea how broken and devastated his loved ones are.Also , it surprises me you are a fellow Indian .

  2. Why was he in the pool when he obviously didn’t know how to swim?? Maybe something in the blood as the autopsy will probably reveal. What I don’t get is how they manage to stay on despite a lack of resources. US needs to STOP issuing visas to Indian students. This is where the pipeline starts – in “Tealangana” or whatever its called, where all the fake resumes, bogus candidates and visa fraudsters originate from. Same dudes are also accused of pulling off similar scams in Canada, New Zealand, UK and Australia whose authorities are also hot on the heels of these specimens from India Inc. Most of these fake engineers aren’t fit to hold a low skilled let alone hitech job, and need to be summarily deported sans hearings.

    1. Do you think this is the right time to speak out all these unrealistic thoughts of your own…Moreover i am.sure Indian students are capable of outshining anyone in this world thats why they perform anywhere and everywhere in the world.

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