Indian American city council candidate in Indiana offers to donate his salary if elected


Gurinder Singh Khalsa (Courtesy of

Gurinder Singh Khalsa, who is running for city council in Indiana, pledges to donate his salary to two charities.

By Zofeen Maqsood

While Indian Americans continue to make great strides in the political arena in the United States, there have often been murmurs within the community that how the most economically sound minority in America, may be punching below its weight when it comes to philanthropy.
But one Sikh American candidate from the city of Fishers in Indiana is out to change that perception. Gurinder Singh Khalsa, an activist and local business owner who is running for the Fishers City Council, has announced that he will be donating his entire salary to charities, if elected.
Singh Khalsa, speaking to the American Bazaar, said: “I have made the pledge that, if elected, I would be donating my salary to charities benefiting police and fire department workers.”

He said that half of his city council salary would go to the Indiana Fishers Fire Department and the other half would go to the Central Indiana Police Foundation. The Foundation has been doing exceptional work in providing gunshot trauma kits and other resources to victims of gun violence.
Singh Khalsa is running in the Republican primary. In the May 7 primary, he is pitted against three incumbents, who are currently holding at-large city council seats. The incumbents are Todd Zimmerman, Cecilia Coble and Rich Block.
The candidate credits his Sikh faith and gratitude towards the city for the decision. He says that his faith taught him to help and work toward others’ welfare before self, and the city of Indiana, where he is raising his two kids, holds a special place in his heart.
Singh Khalsa, who grew up in a small village in Punjab and has made America his home, says he would love to give back to the country that welcomed him with open arms.
As per 2019 city salary ordinance, Fishers City Council members are paid about $20,000 per year.

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  1. Ranbir S Sekhon

    What is this nonsense of Indian. The man is a Sikh American but Hindu media cannot report the fact on USA also.

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