Indian American actor Kal Penn does a Gujju impersonation and Twitter can’t have enough of it

Kal Penn as Ladies Bhai
Kal Penn as “Ladies Bhai”; image via Twitter

Meet “Ladies Bhai,” a Gujarati sketch character impersonated by Kal Penn.

Kalpen Suresh Modi, better known as Kal Penn, seems to be in a mood to embrace his Gujju roots. Just a day ago, Penn posted a video impersonating “Ladies Bhai,” whom the actor himself describes as an old, ridiculous, Gujarati sketch character with a great shirt.

Wearing a floral shirt that could have been funnily as at home in Hawaii as in Jamnagar, a moustached Penn is seen spouting Gujarati interspersed with some heavily desi accented English. The actor is seen relating his “love escapades” with a gujju girl called Shalini, daughter of Kaminiben. His story of romance that culminated into hours of kissing, was an instant hit amongst thousands of his followers.

The Twitterati in fact demanded more of it and some even requested the actor not to stop at the Gujju sketch character but to do a Punjabi, Rajasthani and other sketches, too. Many others even hailed the return of the original “Kalpen bhai,” while demanding an entire series on it.

Most of Penn’s Gujarati followers couldn’t help but be impressed with the actors’ spot-on Gujarati accent. Which definitely is a feat, as Penn was born to Gujarati immigrant parents in New Jersey. By his own admission, he picked up only some Gujarati during his childhood trips to Gujarat with his parents.

Kal Penn rose to prominence when he played the character of Kumar Patel, in film series Harold and Kumar. His other memorable portrayals included playing Lawrence Kutner in the TV show House and for his role in the movie Namesake.

Penn has also worked in the White House during the Obama administration.


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