Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner get married and twitterati troll Priyanka Chopra, Nick Jonas’ lavish wedding


The singer and his actor wife got married in a small, surprise wedding in Vegas.

The fans who were watching the Billboards Music Awards on Wednesday night had another unexpected news in store for them. Sing Joe Jonas and his Game of Thrones actor girlfriend tied the knot in a small, surprise ceremony at Las Vegas.

The wedding, which was both intimate and simple, stood in stark contrast to the wedding of Joe’s brother Nick Jonas and our very own Priyanka Chopra, just a few months ago.

While Chopra booked a palace, Turner settled for an Elvis Presley impersonator to help them with their vows. While Chopra’s wedding was touted as the years’ most awaited event, Joe and Sophie had an impromptu event.

Sister-in-law Priyanka was present at the wedding.

The couple kept it private, as opposed to Nick and Priyanka, who almost seemed to live Instagram their wedding. The differences were not lost on the fans, and many on social media took it to be an opportune moment to troll Nickyanka’s so lavish-it-can-shame-the-sultans wedding.

One Twitter user wrote: “While Priyanka and Nick had seven functions, Joe and Sophie settled for just one.”

On Instagram, some users took it upon themselves to explain to others how Priyanka’s culture demanded a larger-than-life wedding and that’s why the couple went all out with their wedding vows.

Another Twitter user commented that Turner and Joe Jonas ring pops that they exchanged were way cooler than Priyanka’s big rock. The unannounced wedding was quick to be hailed as the coolest thing ever by popular lifestyle and celebrity news portals. Priyanka and Nick’s almost royal wedding has been a subject of great intrigue in America, with even Ellen DeGeneres asked Priyanka about her big ceremony when she invited the Bollywood star and American actor on her show.

Here are some reactions on Twitter:

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