Indo Canadian girl shares her mom’s food note on Twitter and desis around the world go ‘aww’

Shruti Naik’s mom left a detailed note on the fridge before returning to India.

It’s a gesture almost all Indian Americans can relate to. When it comes to desi moms, the best way they show how much they love their kids is by feeding them a bit more. So when a Vancouver, British Colombia,-based girl posted a tweet about a detailed note left by her mom on the fridge before leaving for India was something that made all desi kids say “aww” in unison. Twitter user Shruti Naik posted from her twitter handle @shrutithenaik a detailed note painstakingly explaining everything that her mom had made for her from “chutneys” to “saag” and “kabuli chana” and where exactly they were left packed in the fridge.

The tweet said: “mom returned to india today and she left this on my fridge.”

Apart from the cooked vegetables that her mom left for her in the fridge, the hand-written note also mentioned everything from milk to “daals” and where exactly the dishes were stored in the fridge. As soon as Naik shared the note, desis got united in emotions and re-tweeted and replied to the post. The post has been liked 2.1k times and had many emotional replies. Twitter user @ramkid replied: “This one fridge note has decimated all the senti Mothers Day ads I’ve seen since I woke up. Moms, quite literally, rule.”

Another Twitter user @NeelimaMahajan replied posting the photo of a note saying “USE HOT water”: “When I go home on vacations, my mom sneaks into my room early morning, switches on the geyser and leaves notes like this.”

@Neha2601 replied: “Even before reading the note, I was kinda !000% sure that there would be thepla somewhere in the fridge for sure.” @varadadya wrote: “Thats Gold. It’s her way of “Beta Khaana Khaya” everyday. God bless all Mothers.

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