Indian American animal rights activist interrupts Amazon founder Jeff Bezos on stage

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Berkeley resident Priya Sawhney, who belongs to Direct Action Everywhere, charged with misdemeanor and trespassing.

On Thursday, Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos was in the middle of Amazon’s first ever “re: Mars” conference, when his session was interrupted abruptly by an animal rights activist.

Berkeley resident Priya Sawhney interrupted the keynote session at the Aria Resort in Las Vegas when she rushed on stage and shouted, “You’re the world’s richest man. You are the president of Amazon and you can help the animals.”

Sawhney, who belongs to the animal rights organization Direct Action Everywhere (DXE), was holding a white rose when she barged on to the stage. Saying that she has been inside Amazon’s chicken farms, the activist shouted that Bezos should stop the abuses of animals inside these facilities.

As soon as this unexpected commotion occurred, security guards at the event quickly surrounded Sawhney and rushed her down the stage as a stunned audience saw this unexpected turn of the events.

Once the lady was escorted out, Bezos turned to the moderator and said: “Do you have a response to that?”

Las Vegas police has arrested Sawhney, who was then taken to Clark County Detention Center. She was booked on one count of misdemeanor and trespassing. A video of the incident was posted on Twitter by an attendee, who also wrote: “Wow. Protestor on stage just happened talked about working conditions at Amazon @AWSreInvent @aws @JeffBezos #reMARS”

Even though Amazon does not directly own any farms, it is a buyer of chicken meat from suppliers that have been previously also targeted by the animal rights group.

Direct Action Everywhere (DXE) is an international grassroots network of animal rights activists based in San Francisco, Bay Area. It was founded in 2013. “We have a bold vision to change the world for animals in one human generation,” says its website. “We reject the speciesism that enables the mass torture and killing of nonhuman animals and the blatant disregard for their home – our planet – as well as the unjust and oppressive institutions and ideologies that harm all animals. Using our forty-year roadmap to animal liberation as a guide, we will end this violent system and create a world where all animals are viewed and treated with respect and have autonomy over their own bodies.”

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  1. Sarabjeet Kaur

    Personally, I fully support Ms. Sawhney’s views though I don’t much about her organization (DXE) nor anything about her. Animal rights activists have been suppressed and shrugged under the carpet much like any other protest groups in this country, by the all-powerful ranchers, farmers and their industrial lobbyists. Our generation can and WILL change this planet for the better, liberating ALL humankind from the evil clutches of these monopoly capitalists and plutocratic oligarchs that dominate this pseudo-capitalistic system. Their only goal is MASS EXPLOITATION to the point of extinction, doesn’t matter who or how many become extinct, as long as they keep minting their $$$. Yes it will come with much angst and overturning of so-called traditional power structures, just like every other revolution in history, after which these dodos will be gone forever. IMO this dude will die the same horrific death that Jobs did, for all his evil deeds. No matter how rich a shopkeeper one is (in India they called baniya) death is guaranteed. You can kiss Mars, and Earth, which you so arrogantly ignored and trashed, GOODBYE then. Adios, world’s richest man, see you on the other side NOT!!!

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