Indian American gay couple ties the knot at BAPS Mandir in New Jersey

Amit Shah-Aditya Madiraju wedding
Indian Americans Amit Shah and Aditya Madiraju got married in a traditional Hindu ceremony at the BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir in Robbinsville, New Jersey. Photo credit: Charmi Pena

Amit Shah and Aditya Madiraju got married in a traditional Hindu ceremony.

A large section of the Indian American community may be rigid and squeamish about gay relationships. But two young boys from New Jersey, Amit Shah and Aditya Madiraju, proved to the world that gay marriages deserve the same respect, celebration and traditional fanfare as any other wedding.

The two had got married in a civil ceremony at the New York City Hall in January. But when Madiraju’s parents came to the United States for the first time, they decided to have a traditional Hindu ceremony.

So they tied the knot over the weekend in a beautiful ceremony with their family and friends. The two were at the BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir in Robbinsville, New Jersey, for a private “Abhishek” ceremony and had the blessings of their family members.

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The grooms wore Indian designer Anita Dongre’s creations. Shah, who works as a creative director and choreographer, described himself as a proud husband on social media soon after the wedding.

He also shared beautiful images from his marriage ceremony on Instagram and gave a powerful message for the LGBT rights around the world. “Thank you to everyone who took the time out to congratulate Aditya and I over the last few days,” he wrote. “We are unable to respond to each and every message, but we are very grateful for your support. As we fall back into our routine life, it is important to remember that any conversation about same-sex marriage is healthy (whether you agree with the views of others or not.) To open up someone’s mind about something they know nothing about takes time and patience. Anger and frustration is never the way to build awareness. Give those uninformed a chance to learn and realize that LOVE is more powerful than any race, religion, gender, or preference. Keep the conversation open.”

The couple’s wedding followed all the rituals of a big, fat, Indian wedding complete with sangeet and cocktail night and comprised many functions spread across New Jersey and New York City. Shah’s better half, Aditya Madiraju, is a fashion illustrator. The couple’s many wedding images are setting the tone for a new normal in the community.

(This post was updated on July 27, 2019)


  1. Mehul S. Patel

    You have no idea what they go thru when this happens. Everyone must stand up and hold each other’s. Otherwise you come too fast and get dizzy. Haddippa gaand mein bamboo daal, sat sri akal!!! It cannot be cured but mancure is a great cosmetic procedure. Strong pole is required maybe North pole which will one day be pride march of the Indian community. Until then Vande Maataram.

  2. Tanay Mishra

    I think all gays need to be treated for impotency, weight gain and insomnia during their pre-teen years. Then it’ll be alright so the parents can do something and get on with it. Mobile phones make it worse with ready immediate availability and gratification.

    • Chetan Patel

      Tanay, you need to attain science class about gay and lesbians. Gay are not impotent. They do get erection, just like all normal male..only difference is they get erections with other males instead of females. And this is due to type of hormone released by there body. Those hormones give them same feeling towards male, as you may have towards females..

  3. Baniya Benchod

    What makes it particularly interesting is that Shat is a trans actress himself and thus in many ways perfectly sums up the series’ wrath of the LGBTQ community in the mainstream entertainment. A freshman at Harvard University studying computer science and biology, the budding scientist has invented AnaloVision, a precision medicine platform powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) that predicts buttock tumor characteristics in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional methods by using a scanned image of a biopsy rather than an ATM sample which would be a major step to targeted treatment for patients with icecream by using deep learning computer system to determine molecular and genetic signature of a cane humor with 100 percent accuracy and thus was recognized for commensurate efforts to battle homoism which is a rare but deadly disease, and to encourage others to pursue their expertise in soap-related fields.

  4. JerseyDog

    Typical jealous cunt, hating on “ALL” Indians from India. Hint….you are Indian too;). Turlock Cali coward! On my next trip out to Cali, since you’re only under an hour away, this Jersey Guy(straight/married), will catch up with you, to see what you and the FAM is made up of! I’ll bring my Knuckle A game…doubt I’ll need a fraction of it-

  5. Non-beared

    Congratulations! Indians are great people on earth and this sort of marriage between to bearded men in a Mandir is the shinning example of that. Wash your things with the beard first.

    • Sarabjeet Kaur

      Wash what thing with the beard sir-ji??? But the beard is usually dirty, filled with fleas!!! wat to do den sir-jee :-)))) …. Tat sri akal

  6. Sarabjeet Kaur

    Good for India and its 1.3 billion totally useless people. This way they’ll reproduce less, and the world will be much better off!!! So which one is the husband and which is the husband?? Freeeaaaakkkkkkkkkkkkos.

    • Well wishes always

      I bet you’re unmarried, fat and hateful and live around negativity. I am praying that your heart finds love. Until then you’ll remain negative, fat by mind which is filled with ugliness, ugly by that face that has no shine due to its hateful nature. Hate and anger creates diseases in your mind and body. Hope you’re not suffering from host of diseases created by nagative thinking patterns. .

      Give your inner and outer ugliness a rest by allowing positivity into your being. Or you’ll be loveless forever! I bet you’ve never had a radiating smile on your face as the grooms and the entire party has on their face!

      • Sarabjeet Kaur

        Hey grinder, any disease is better than STD and HIV! I doubt you even clean your thing after a night out on the town?! And just because you’re gay doesn’t mean you’re happy!!! Ha ha ha ha, what do you have inside your skull, pebbles??? Wait, maybe your husband knows!! Grind away party boy, one day you’ll grind to a complete halt in your mom’s basement. Until then, grind grind grind!!!

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