Punjabi pop star Diljit Dosanjh to perform in US next month

Dosanjh will be touring New York, Oakland and Houston in September.

Punjabi pop music has a cult following of its own across the globe. While it continues to be big among the native Punjabi speaking immigrants in North America, a small but growing number of westerners are also getting intrigued by the peppy beats and neon styling of Punjabi pop videos. So when Bollywood actor and singer Diljit Dosanjh announced the second leg of his “Roar Tour 2019”, there was bound to be interest.

Dosanjh, who completed the first leg of his tour in Canada over the summer, will be now coming to the United States next month. The singer, never the one to disappoint his fans, has already been building up intrigue for the tour. As a teaser, just ahead of the tour, Dosanjh announced to his more than 7 million followers on Instagram that he will be also releasing his new track when he performs on September 7 at the Oracle Arena in Oakland, California.

The bhangra star also shared the itinerary for his upcoming US tour. He kicks off the tour in Oakland on September 7, where he will be building the momentum with his new track.

Dosanjh’s next pit spot would be in New York, where he would be performing at Nassau Coliseum on September 14. The singer would then head to Houston where he will perform at the NRG Arena on September 21.

Dosanjh’s rise to popularity has been unprecedented. In Bollywood, from being a rank outsider, the turbaned star has managed to create an enviable fan following. Dosanjh also enjoys a huge fan base in Americas especially among the Punjabi speaking community because of his small-town-guy-made-it-big appeal, as well as the fact that it may be one of the rare times that a Sikh actor is being projected as a star in movies. His pop music continues to attract fans across the globe for its desi appeal.

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