Indian H-1B holders stuck in Green Card limbo send Diwali greetings to S.386 opponent Sen. Dick Durbin

Durbin Diwali card

The informal S.386 Diwali greetings campaign is spreading through Facebook and WhatsApp.

As Indians around the world celebrate Diwali, many Indians in America, stuck in the green card backlog, have taken the opportunity to extend some warmth to Illinois Senator Dick Durbin.

An initiative started by some Indians in a few immigration-centric Facebook and WhatsApp groups quickly caught the attention of fellow Indians who thought it would be a great idea not just to introduce the Democrat to the Indian festival but also to show him that they are peaceful and friendly people, who are caught in an unfortunate immigration cycle.

The initiative, which was first started by the admin of the immigration group “H4 and H-1B holders,” was enthusiastically received by many members, who started sending greeting cards addressed to Durbin.

The cards wish the senator and his family a very “Happy Diwali,” followed by a request, “Please support S 386.” The senders, calling themselves members of the Green card backlog community, are then signing the cards with their names.

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Among those who sent the cards include Sarika Dutta, who came to the US along with her husband 10 years ago. Under the current process, she says her family is unlikely to get the Green Card in the next four decades. She and her husband sent the card to let Durbin know that a large number of Indian nationals have been affected by the Green Card backlog.

S.386, or “Fairness for High Skilled Immigrants Act” is a bill currently before the US Senate that proposes to eliminate the country quota for Green Cards, which has led to a huge backlog for Indian nationals.

Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT), the main sponsor of the bill, has been trying to pass it through a process called “Unanimous consensus.” But because of the objection from Durbin, his Democratic colleague Patrick Leahy of Vermont and Kentucky Republican Rand Paul, he has been unable to do that.

S.386 continues to face stiff opposition from some workers’ groups who argue that, if enacted, it would give an unfair advantage to Indian nationals.

Durbin has, instead, introduced a new bill called the RELIEF Act, which would increase the number of Green Cards issued each year. Paul has also introduced a Green Card bill.

Indian Green Card hopefuls across the United States, who have been waiting in line for years, have been urging Durbin to end his opposition to S.386.

The US House of Representatives passed a companion bill to S.386 in July with bipartisan support.


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  1. Captain America

    The best solution is US companies opening offices in India then there won’t be any hassle on dealing for getting green card or H1B quota

  2. I do not understand this uttter desperation of indians trying to get green cards at all costs and stay in the US. I have never seen any nationality like the indians who desperately want to leave india at all costs. India is becoming a developed country, i do not understand why indians do not want to go back and invest in their own country. There are still villages and towns which lack basic infrastructure such as clean water, electricity and health care services. Is the al mighty dollar so powerful that makes people cling for so many years waiting to get the green card ???

  3. All of them should go back

  4. Thomas Aderson

    Remember, Indian’s backlog was NOT caused by Durbin, it was caused by H1b cheaters and abusers from their own country. Every year, 75% of the H1b lots came from India and most of them applied H1b with a fake job position from Indian outsourcing companies. All of these H1b cheaters and abusers applied the green card and that’s why they got a super long backlog.

    Now, they do not want to resolve the cheater and abusers which are the root cause in the first place. Instead, they want steal 100% of the green card from the whole world.

    Sure, if Durbin passes S386, he could save thousands of Indian families, but the cost is by DESTROYING millions of other families from the rest of the 190 countries.

    • Remember, Congress made separate lines, so segregation legal based on national origin. If a private company does this, they will be prosecuted. Nobody is denying there are many Indians. We are only denying that RoW who applies in 2019 is ahead of Indians who applied in 2010. It doesnt matter what RoW brings. They are just ahead. That is discrimination on how you were born.


    I am happy they sent good wishes to the Senator who is opposing.. Humanity lives..

  6. Mehul Patel

    Greedy desperate INDIANS!! Will they not stop at anything for their selfish visa woes? That single country already hogs most of the allotted visas, and now wants all the green cards to themselves too! The sheer audacity!!! Leave the man alone, and RESPECT HIS PRIVACY for heaven’s sake. You guys deserve to be deported.

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