Prashanth Padal, another Indian in green card backlog dies, leaving new bride out of status

Prashanth Padal
Prashanth Padal

Tampa resident got married just 4 months ago.

Untimely sudden death has cut short the life of a young promising Indian professional. Prashanth Padal, 32, of Tampa, Florida died after a heart attack on November 9.

While a young loss is always painful, it is even more unnerving to know that Padal had married Sindhu only four months ago in India. The new bride had accompanied her husband to America just recently.

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Prashanth and his wife were in line for a green card and just recently members of his family including his toddler nephew had attended a green card backlog rally organized by Illinois Immigration Forum in Chicago.

North America Telugu Society has started a fundraiser to help the young family during this hour of crisis.

Through the Go Fund Me campaign, the organization is actively working with family members and friends and funeral home to make all funeral arrangements and fund-raising support.

The fundraiser describes Padal as a responsible son, loving brother, joyous friend and caring husband. Friends and family describe him as a kind and generous person, with always an extra hand to help people in need.

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His sudden death is a big shock for his entire family and friends. The fundraiser with a goal of $100,000 has received contributions of $58,409 in two days since it was started.

Padal hails from Armoor in south Indian state of Telangana. He has some family members in the US too. His sister and brother-in-law are based in Chicago and a brother lives in Tennessee.

Link to the fundraiser:


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  1. Heart attack at 32! He would have failed the physical for GC eligibility anyway

    • This gulti dodo was trying to pull off a big scam probably … that’s why suffered a heart attack!!!!! ha ha ha , LOLOL hope he and his type are all sent back to India. No more gultis in America, a bunch of sickos who are blatantly fake resumes, defraud visa applications and steal jobs.

  2. This is unathorized and unverified content, author has picked info from public domain which iteself was un verified, and no where related GC backlog.

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