Fundraiser started for Indian student Abhishek Bhat shot in US on Thanksgiving Day

Abhishek Bhat
Abhishek Bhat; image via

GoFundMe fundraiser to help family with travel, funeral expenses and Bhat’s US loans.

Police in San Bernardino, California, has arrested a suspect in the case of Indian student Abhishek Bhat, who was shot dead at a motel where he worked in the city east of Los Angles   on Thanksgiving Day.

Eric Devon Turner, 42, who is believed to have shot the 25-year-old Indian youth was identified and turned himself into the authorities on Saturday at San Bernardino, according to police.

Meanwhile, friends and well-wishers of Abhishek Bhat are doing their best to help the family get through these terrible times.

A fundraiser was set up to help raise money for travel and funeral expenses of the young man.

Started on Saturday afternoon, the fundraiser has raised $30,722, a little less than half the goal amount of $70,000, within 12 hours.

The goal amount was set keeping in consideration the travel and funeral expenses as all of Bhat’s family lives in India.

The organizers of the page, also note that apart from travel and funeral expenses, the family would also need support to settle education and car loans taken by the Indian student.

Abhishek Bhat was pursuing his MS in Computer Science at the California State University, San Bernardino (CSUSB).

He became a victim of unfortunate circumstances on November 28, as Americans celebrated Thanksgiving Day, when he was caught in a shooting at a motel, he worked in.

The fundraiser describes Bhat as a caring person who decided to go abroad to study with the only aim and ambition to help and be there for his family. The friends also share that he worked hard day and night to fulfill this dream.

He wanted to fund his younger brother Abhishreshta’s medical education fees apart from   financially help everyone in his family.

The family is making arrangements to travel to the US and perform Abhishek’s final rites.

The collected funds would go towards the travel, funeral and other related expenses of the family, and any remaining funds would be donated by the family to charitable causes.

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  1. Sarabjeet Kaur

    Who cares anyway, like there are a zillion people who die everyday and should we shed tears for all of them and raise money on GoFunkMe or whatever the hell that is?? Good riddance, one less dude can only be good for this fragile planet. He was consuming too much anyway, like all other useless indians.

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