Immigration Voice lobbying for automatic extension of H-1B, H-4 EAD for one year during COVID-19 crisis

The advocacy group is asking those affected to call their lawmakers to get the provision inserted in the Senate bill.

As the Coronavirus pandemic continues to cripple many industries, there is a growing anxiety among work-based visa holders in the US about the legalities of their future status too. A lot of those on work visas are worried about impending visa expiration dates. Now, Immigration Voice, a non-profit advocacy group representing H-1B and L1 visa holders in the United States, has succeeded in getting inserted a provision into the House Coronavirus “phase 3” bill. The provisions would extend the validity of all visa petitions and employment authorization documents.

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The group says it is now working to get the provision inserted into the Senate package, too. The organization is asking all those who are affected by the bill to call senators from their states and express their concern. It is advising people to lobby the senators support a provision in the House “Phase 3” Coronavirus bill that prevents legal immigrants from losing their status while the Coronavirus crisis is ongoing due to all of these closures’.

Sharing the details of the bill Immigration Voice said:

“We have been working behind the scenes to address the immediate concerns of a lot of immigrants. We take some solace to report, Immigration Voice has convinced the House to include a provision in the upcoming stimulus bill which says – in light of the indefinite closing of USCIS offices and U.S. embassies and consulates around the world, all existing lawful immigration statuses and EADs will be automatically extended for 1 year from the date the legislation is enacted. As per the current language, if you have an H4 EAD, it will be extended for a year. If you have an H-1B about to expire, it will be renewed and you can remain here even if furloughed until the crisis is over.”

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The advocacy group added, “We need the Senate to agree to add the language into its stimulus in order for the doctors and other critical care workers we have in our community to be able to treat patients and go to work without fear of losing their status if they die.”

The organization is advising everyone to call their senators in order for them to understand the enormity of the situation of hundreds of thousands of legal workers in the United States.


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  1. None is taking anyones job thats very clear in all sectors !!!
    Great relief for H1B and EAD holders if this pass , Thanks and please help us to maintain the status and serve the community. I am a health care professional who is currently dedicated my whole time to serve sick and patients who are suffering in this crisis and my visa is H4 EAD. Please help us to approve this and let us maintain our status even if we die . Please support

  2. Immigration Voice Advocating for more American jobs for Indians is a constant. The reason changes with the tide.

    This is a good time to end the H-1B.

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