Why must all immigrants take part in Census 2020?

Based on census, US allocates $600 billion worth of resources to communities nationwide.

We are living in surreal times. While many of us have not stepped out of our houses for weeks in the face of coronavirus threat, some others fearful of catching the bug have not even opened their mail boxes.

But as most doctors suggest coronavirus does not last very long on surfaces like paper and more importantly it can be effectively wiped off using a household disinfectant. Perhaps it may be time for everyone living in the US to check their mail for the official census card.

As April 1, 2020  marks the census day in US, it simply means that by now every household across the US must have received census information in their mailbox and an invitation to participate in Census 2020.

One of the most common questions asked is if it’s necessary to take part in the census and even more importantly whether immigrants who are not American citizens allowed to join? The answer to both these questions is a definite yes.

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In fact, it is all the more important for immigrants to take part in the census to make their presence felt. Here’s is the American Bazaar guide to everything you wanted to know about Census 2020

What exactly is US Census?

Every decade the US government conducts a census. The objective of this exercise is to count every person living in the US regardless of their citizenship status. Anyone who is living in US is eligible to take part in the census.

Why is it important especially for immigrants to take part in census?

Based on the count given at the census, every year government allocates funds for community resources across the country.

The data collected in the census goes on to directly influence fund allocations for schools, parks, roads, cultural centers etc in your neighborhood.

The census is important because it makes the representation count and also based on the information received through the census, government allocates $600 billion worth of resources to communities across the US.

Is filling census a lengthy and complicated process?

Filling out a census card is simple and quick. It just asks a few questions like – how many people reside in a house, along with age, sex, race and ethnicity of members. You are asked if you rent or own the house. You can also fill the information online.

Is it safe to share my information on census?

Your information is kept secure and is never used for any other purpose than counting in the census. By law US Census Bureau cannot share any of your information with any other government agency.

It is encouraged that everyone participates in census regardless of their citizenship status. You can be counted whether you are a US citizen, US permanent resident, immigrant or undocumented.

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