Covid-19: AAPI urges Trump to collect plasma of recovered patients

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Indian American physicians seek enhancement of national registry of patients to help combat the pandemic.

With the US becoming the covid-19 epicenter, the American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI) has urged President Donald Trump to collect the plasma of recovered patients to combat the pandemic.

The largest ethnic medical organization in the US representing the nearly 100,000 Indian-American physicians made the plea in a letter signed by Dr. Suresh Reddy, President of AAPI and Dr. Lokesh Edara, Chairman of AAPI’s Adhoc Committee.

The April 9 letter thanked President Trump “for guiding the FDA in launching a national effort to bring blood-related therapies for covid-19 patients in the most expedited manner.”

The letter, according to an AAPI press release, reiterated the studies done on covid-19 cases that have shown benefits of using convalescent plasma from recovered patients in combating viral infections.

AAPI urged the Administration “to enhance the existing national registry of covid-19 recovered patients to collect their convalescent plasma, support the creation of supply chain and implementation process in the early treatment of patients infected with” covid-19 presenting with hypoxia.

Since the novel coronavirus was first detected in the US on Jan 20, it has spread to at least half a million people in the US, across all 50 states, and taking the lives of over 16,000 people.

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“While covid-19 continues to disrupt life around the globe, AAPI is committed to helping its tens of thousands of members across the US and others across the globe,” Dr. Reddy wrote.

“As concerned physicians witnessing the growing covid-19 pandemic and its effect on our society, healthcare system and economy,” he wrote, “AAPI has launched the Plasma Drive from patients who have been cured of covid-19 and are now with no coronavirus related symptoms for at least the past two weeks,”

“AAPI, would like to join your efforts in helping patients recover from this deadly illness,” Reddy wrote.

He emphasized “the benefit of giving convalescent plasma to covid-19 patients at an early stage before the onset of hypoxia and potentially before intubation at the approval of doctor and the patient being treated.” Dr. Reddy said.

“This could be a lifesaving measure as well as prevent many patients in going to need ventilator support” the letter added.

In Ohio they had to take permission of the governor on April 8 to get convalescent plasma therapy for a physician suffering from covid-19, the letter pointed out.

Currently Comprehensive Care Partnership (CCP) requires an FDA approved Investigational New Drug Application (IND) for administration to a patient but does not require an IND for collection, manufacturing and distribution of plasma as per an FDA  press release.

However, obtaining approval takes time and time is of essence here for saving lives in this national emergency, AAPI noted

“We would like to request you to endorse the wide implementation of plasma donation from recovering patients, enhance support to the Blood donation centers and facilitate the shortening of the time required for patient to receive the required supportive treatment,” AAPI wrote in the Letter to President Trump.

AAPI expressed confidence that the Administration will take required steps to facilitate this therapy to be widely available as a viable option in saving American lives.

“Under your leadership, we can all fight this invisible enemy, covid-19, and beat this pandemic,” Dr. Suresh Reddy wrote. “Thank you for your continued leadership and service to the United States of America.”

For more information on AAPI and its several initiatives to combat coronavirus and help fellow physicians and the larger community, please visit:, or email to:

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