Indian American Rep. Pramila Jayapal endorses Biden

Pramila Jayapal
Rep. Pramila Jayapal; American Bazaar file photo

Jayapal, who had previously backed Sanders, says she “will do everything” she can to help Biden “win back the White House.”

Rep. Pramila Jayapal, the first Indian American woman to serve in the U.S. House of Representatives, has endorsed the presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

The Washington Democrat, a Co-Chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, announced the decision via Twitter on Monday morning. She wrote, “Today I am announcing my endorsement of  @JoeBiden for President of the United States. VP Biden is a deeply dedicated public servant with the ability to unite the American people. I am moved by his compassion and ability to connect with people on the most human level.”

The endorsement of Jayapal, who had previously backed Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, signals that the progressive wing of the Democratic Party has now lined up behind Biden. Sanders, a progressive icon, ended his campaign earlier this month after he lost to the former vice president in the Wisconsin primary. He endorsed his former rival on April 13.

Jayapal explained why she is supporting Biden in a series of follow-up tweets.

She wrote: “As Congressional Progressive Caucus Co-Chair, I believe wholeheartedly that gov’t can & must be a force for good—expanding access to health care & education, fighting the climate crisis, passing humane immigration reform, & looking out for working people instead of corporations.”

The congresswoman added that she “started this campaign as an ardent and vocal” Sanders surrogate, she is “ready to work with” Biden to “craft & then implement the most progressive agenda of any candidate in history,” even though he has “not always agreed with” the presumptive nominee “on matters of policy.”

Jayapal said any “progress toward a better future requires defeating” President Trump this November.

She wrote: “As President, Donald Trump has consistently sided with the wealthy & well-connected over working families & regular Americans, fostered racism & xenophobia & undermined democratic norms & the rule of law.

“Trump & his admin have demonstrated repeatedly—& most recently in their disastrous response to COVID-19—an inability to govern, make tough decisions, speak the truth & unite the country in common purpose.”

The Democrat said the “progressive movement of people organizing in the streets” and “in the halls of Congress has only grown bigger [and] more diverse,” and “we have made enormous strides toward racial, gender, [and] economic justice.”

Jayapal added, “We are ready for a President who will encourage us to be as big as we can be, with compassion & bold leadership. That President must be @JoeBiden. I will do everything I can to help @JoeBiden win back the White House, take back the Senate, & preserve our House majority.”

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