Joe Biden promises to ‘stand with India if elected’

Joe Biden

The presumptive Democratic nominee and VP pick Kamala Harris address Indian American Democrats on Indian Independence Day.

Addressing Indian American Democrats on India’s Independence Day at the U.S.-India Relations and Indian Americans in Joe Biden’s America virtual event, presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden and running mate Kamala Harris promised they would “stand with India,” if elected.

The former vice president wished “the people of India and Indian Americans all across the U.S. “happy independence day.”

“I said if the United States and India became closer friends and partners then the world will be a safer place,” Biden said. “If elected president I’ll continue to believe it and continue what I’ve long called for.”

Among the many calls for action toward establishing a better relationship with India that Biden made if elected president included expanding greater two-way trades and tackling global challenges, such as climate change and global health security, together.

“As president I will also continue to rely on the India American diaspora that keeps our two nations together as I have throughout my career.”

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Harris, the first Indian American and woman of color to be on a presidential ticket, also said,  “On August 15, 1947, men and women all over India rejoiced in the Declaration of the Independence of the country of India. Today on August 15, 2020, I stand before you as the first candidate for Vice President of the United States of South Asian descent.”

She added, “Our community is bound together by so much more than our shared history and culture… The reason there is a kinship between everyone who was a product of the South Asian diaspora…is because we also share a set of values, values forged by overcoming colonial pasts not only in one nation, but in two. Values like tolerance, pluralism, and diversity.”

The virtual event, which took place on Saturday, Aug.15, at 3 p.m., featured many members from within Biden’s circle, including Senior Advisors from the Biden Campaign Tony Blinken, Jake Sullivan, Vinay Reddy, and Seema Sadananda.

Also present was Former U.S. Ambassador to India Richard Verma, Former Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs Nisha Desai Biswal, the Economic Policy Advisor for Biden Unity Task Force Sonal Shah, Former Senior Policy Advisor Jasjit Singh, and Chairman and Founder of AAPI Victory Fund Ajay Bhutoria.

The event was sponsored by the Indian American Impact Fund, AAPI Victory Fund and South Asians for Biden. The co-sponsors include TheySeeBlue, US-India Friendship Council, South Asian Americans for Voter Education + Engagement + Empowerment (SAAVE) and South Asians of Michigan Organizing for Serious Action (SAMOSA).

Biden’s historic decision to select Harris as his running mate last Tuesday was met with excitement from the Indian American community, as many flocked to social media lauding the VP pick.


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