Trump targets Biden touting ‘pro-American immigration’ policy

Trump and Biden

Cites firing Tennessee Valley Authority chief for hiring H-1B workers.

As he accepted the Republican nomination for a second term, President Donald Trump launched a tirade against his Democratic rival Joe Biden while touting his policy of “pro-American immigration.”

“In perhaps no area did the Washington special interests try harder to stop us than on my policy of pro-American immigration,” he said in a 70- minute speech Thursday night from the South lawn of the White House.

“But I refused to back down – and today America’s borders are more secure than ever before,” Trump said while arguing “no one will be safe in Biden’s America.”

As an example of his pro-American policy, he cited the firing of Tennessee Valley Authority Chairman after “it laid off hundreds of American Workers and forced them to train their lower-paid foreign replacements.”

“And now, those talented American Workers have their old jobs back, and some are here with us this evening,” Trump said asking them to stand up.

The President did not mention either India or H-1B, but during the on-camera firing of two TVA executives at the White House earlier this month, one tech worker said that 70% of H-1B workers in the US come from India.

For most part Trump’s speech closing the four day  Republican National Convention took aim at Biden branding him as “the destroyer of America’s jobs” and  “the destroyer of American greatness.”

“Joe Biden is not the savior of America’s soul – he is the destroyer of America’s jobs, and if given the chance, he will be the destroyer of American greatness,” he said.

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While Biden never mentioned Trump’s name even once during his Democratic acceptance speech last week, the President attacked his rival by name more than 40 times.

But he did not mention even once the historic nomination of Kamala Harris, the first black and Indian American woman vice presidential candidate, that has brought some two million voters from the community center stage.

Seeking four more years in the White House, Trump argued he’s kept his promises and delivered on them.

“In a new term as president, we will again build the greatest economy in history – quickly returning to full employment, soaring incomes and record prosperity,” he vowed.

Branding Biden as “a trojan horse for socialism,” Trump said he would be subservient to the extreme left of the Democratic Party.

He warned the November “election will decide whether we save the American dream, or whether we allow a socialist agenda to demolish our cherished destiny.”

Meanwhile, Trump’s use of the White House for political purposes in defiance of conventional Washington norms brought angry reactions from the Democrats.

Get off our lawn,” former presidential candidate Sen. Amy Klobuchar, tweeted as Trump accepted the Republican nomination in front of the White House with two large Trump campaign signs posted on either side of the stage.

“My blood is boiling over political banners at the White House,” former Sen. Claire McCaskill wrote. “Awful. Just awful.”

“Let’s be clear,” wrote former presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg, a former mayor of South Bend, Indiana “It is wrong and illegal to use federal property and taxpayer resources for partisan campaigning.”


  1. With Trump Americans get jobs with Biden Indians/other foreigners get jobs. Why would an American voter choose Biden?

  2. The White House is the Presidential family home, so broadcasting from the White House is certainly okay at this time. Outrage expressed by an political operative is completely phony… it is pure political theatre for the sake of Democratic party sychophancy.

    The President didn’t “attack” Biden, he pointed out the big differences between his Presidency and actual stated policies of what could be a Biden Presidency.

    It’s easy to create a cartoon characterization of either Trump and Biden. But it is much harder to see the reality of what has been happening with H-1b system in these last few decades. Namely, the H-1b system has been taken over by companies that do nothing but force Americans to train their H-1b replacements.

    The TVA firing are just such an example of such an utter and complete waste of H-1b visas. I think we should all applaud the President for doing something about job loss. I never once saw Obama do anything similar. Yet there were numerous such cases of replacement of Americans, who were forced to train there H-1b replacements.

    The Democrats (and some Republicans) just don’t care about jobs. Trump, at least understands that every job counts in this economy. Trump basically runs a hospitality business. Such a business is very labor intensive. You could see this appreciation in “The Apprentice” T.V. show. Trump cares about putting people to work. He really deeply respects people who are out there hustling to do their job.

    And it is not surprising that Trump and Modi get along well. Modi too is a businessman who understands the value of work.

    Trump is the only President, in the last 30 years, that changed from the idiotic lottery for H-1b visas. (A lottery that is gamed and mostly won by Offshore Outsourcing companies). To one that is based upon a salary ranking. A salary ranking is a better proxy for actual skill than the idiotic lottery.

    Obama could have changed this to a salary ranking, he had eight years to do so. Joe Biden has said, and it is on tape, that he will rescind Trump’s executive orders on the H-1b program, even the ones that will improve the H-1b program, such as changing to a salary ranking.

    The Offshore Outsourcing companies sponsor only a handful of people for green cards, much less citizenship. These changes made by Trump, WILL result in more people from India obtaining Green cards and eventual citizenship. I think that’s awesome.

    Joe Biden will return to the policies that were easy on the Offshore Outsourcing companies, the result will be fewer people from India becoming U.S. citizens. And millions of jobs being lost because Offshore Outsourcing companies do nothing but force Americans to train their H-1b replacements, as a prelude to moving entire departments, overseas.

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