Pramila Jayapal vows to fight back Trump challenge to verdict

Pramila Jayapal
Rep. Pramila Jayapal; American Bazaar file photo

Indian American lawmaker not surprised at Trump not conceding after four years of “ridiculous behavior.”

Indian American lawmaker Pramila Jayapal has vowed to fight back against President Donald Trump’s attempts to challenge the people’ verdict saying she was not surprised at Trump not conceding after four years of ‘ridiculous behavior.’

“I want to make clear that I will fight back against any and all attempts Donald Trump and his administration make to challenge the vote and voice of the people,” she said in a statement on the election of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

“I will continue holding them accountable until the day they leave office — and beyond,” said Democrat Jayapal after winning her third term in the US House of Representatives from Washington state.

“The power is in our hands; and when we exercise that power, there is nothing that can stop us on the road to justice,” she stated.

In a separate interview with CNN International Jayapal said Trump not conceding the election was not unexpected considering his ridiculous behavior over the last four years.

“I wish we could have expected something different from Donald Trump,” she said, “but this is the ridiculous behavior that we have seen for four years, to not concede the race.”

“The reality is, Joe Biden will be our next president, and there’s nothing Donald Trump can do to change that. So, it’s unfortunate, because the country needs to move forward and move forward quickly,” Jayapal said.

Calling the election of Indian American Kamala Harris as the first-ever woman vice president of the county as historic, Jayapal said she cannot take the smile off her face, to see Harris ascend to the vice presidency.

“It is truly a joy, I can’t take the smile off my face, to see her ascend to the vice presidency. This is important, not only because she brings a lived experience, being the daughter of immigrants from Trinidad and India,” she said.

In 2016, Jayapal became the first Indian American woman to be elected to the US House of Representatives. The same year Kamala Harris was elected as the US Senator from California.

“I was elected on the same night that Kamala Harris was elected to the Senate. I became the first Indian American woman in the House. She became the first Indian-American in the Senate, and the second black female US Senator,” she said.

Jayapal said Harris is a black woman who understands racism and sexism. “You don’t have to explain immigration or race or sexism to Kamala Harris. She gets it.”

In another interview to MSNBC, Jayapal who is the co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus called it an important election for progressives.

“We all unified around Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, in spite of the fact that Joe Biden was not our top choice of many progressives, many young people,” she said.

“But we made the case that I firmly believe in that no progress is possible with Donald Trump in the White House. And we turned people out,” Jayapal said.

In her statement, Jayapal recalled she “came to the United States by myself 38 years ago because my parents believed in the promise of America — so much so that they sent their 16-year-old across the ocean knowing we may never live on the same continent again.”

“They believed in America’s ideals, in our democracy and that this was a place where change and progress were possible,” she said.

“These results prove that our democracy still works and that the power always belongs to the people through the power of the vote.”

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