Kamala Harris’ historic inauguration makes Indian Americans proud

Kamala Harris being sworn in as the Vice President of the United States on January 20, 2021.
Kamala Harris being sworn in as the Vice President of the United States on January 20, 2021. Photo credit: C-SPAN

South Asian Americans look forward to deepening community engagement in government and politics.

Indian American community organizations have hailed the historic inauguration of Kamala Harris as the first black and Indian American Vice President saying it fills their hearts with “pride and hope for the future.”

“The inauguration of Kamala Devi Harris is not only the culmination of an American dream, but marks the launching of millions of new dreams,” Neil Makhija, Executive Director of IMPACT, the leading Indian American advocacy organization, stated after Harris’ swearing-in Wednesday.

“Generations of immigrants came to our country for a better life for their children,” he wrote noting, “the daughter of an Indian immigrant, who made dosas on the campaign trail, and spoke to her ‘chithis’ in her nomination speech,” had taken oath of America’s second highest office.

“And as Kamala Harris takes her place in the American story, the hearts of her countrymen and women are swelling with pride and hope for the future,” Makhija stated.

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“Beginning today, a generation of American children will grow up knowing only an Indian-American and Black woman as vice-president of the United States,” he wrote.

“As Vice-President Harris has said, she may be the first, but she won’t be the last. And, with her as an inspiration, we look forward to helping the next generation prove her right,” Makhija added.

The US India Political Action Committee (USINPAC) said the  momentous inauguration day, “traditionally filled with pomp and circumstance, was even more special for Indian-Americans as they witnessed Kamala Harris, a fellow Indian-American, inaugurated as Vice President.”

“Today is a beautiful day for the United States, as is every Inauguration Day,” USINPAC Chairman Sanjay Puri stated. “Our country has been through so much these last four years and now we begin to heal and move forward with a new administration.”

“The efforts of so many hardworking Indian-Americans went into a successful campaign in 2020 and, as a people, we could not be prouder,” he wrote. “USINPAC and those we represent will now work together with the new administration to move our nation forward.”

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The Biden-Harris administration has a steep hill to climb to reunite the American people and get the nation back on track andit will need a solid and dedicated team to do so, USINPAC said.

The community organization said it’s working to place experienced and qualified professionals in the administration to ensure the voices and concerns of Indian Americans are heard and addressed.

USINPAC said those interested in a position with the Biden-Harris administration may visit www.usinpac.com/application-for-transition-team/ to take its help.

Another community organization, South Asians for Biden expressed delight at the commencement of Biden-Harris administration.

“President Biden and Vice President Harris are the right leaders for this moment when we are experiencing multiple, converging crises, and their leadership gives us all hope that we can emerge from this as a stronger country,” Neha Dewan, National Director of South Asians for Biden, stated.

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Expressing “gratitude to the countless volunteers, organizers, activists, and voters, who made this jubilant day possible,” she said.

“We are particularly overjoyed in observing the many historical firsts of this day marked by the ascendance” of Harris as US Vice President.

“Harris is the first Black and South Asian woman elected to national office, where she will have a substantial role in setting American policy as President Biden’s trusted partner and as the tiebreaker vote of a 50-50 Senate,” Dewan stated.

“For South Asians who wondered whether this moment could ever be possible, today affirms that America at its best is a land of limitless opportunities.”

“Heartened by the fact that the South Asian community played a critical role in the 2020 election,” Dewan said South Asians for Biden looked “forward to deepening the community’s engagement in government and politics in the months and years ahead.”

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