H-1B registration status still showing ‘Submitted’? You may still stand a chance

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With H-1B 2022 Initial Lottery Selection done, here’s what different update status mean.

It’s that time of the year again, when H-1B applicants wait with a bated breath for the realization of their American dream. Late last month, the first lot of selection notices from this years’ lottery began arriving.

In spite of Covid-19, which has had a devastating effect on health and livelihood of people across the world, like previous years, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services received enough electronic registrations to reach the fiscal limit.

With the USCIS now beginning to process petitions of those who got selected, many may be eagerly waiting for a decision on their application.

According to immigration lawyers, up at this point, everyone who registered would be seeing one of the following status:

  1. Submitted,
  2. Selected,
  3. Denied,
  4. Failed Payment

As most attorneys inform that the registration process is now complete, if you are among the group of applicants who is still seeing the status as “Submitted,” there is reason for you to be stuck in a see-saw of emotions, left wondering whether you are in or out of the game. Here is what it means: Your registration was not picked up in the first round of lottery.

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But before you lose all hope you must know that your registration is still valid to be eligible on any second round of lottery. In other words, you are in the waitlist as the registration is submitted and remains valid for selection.

Even though, the initial selection process is complete for the year, the registration will remain eligible for getting picked up in any subsequent selections for the fiscal year in which it was submitted. This would mean that even though you are not picked up in the current lottery, you could still wait and hope that your application can get picked up in any selection later for the year.

If the current status of your registration shows “Selected” that means it is the ideal outcome. You must now proceed to file an H-1B cap petition.

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The third and not very desirable status that can be reflected on your registration is “Denied.” This would mean that the applicant has lost any chance to be selected in the current fiscal year for H-1B. The entry was denied. Now, if multiple registrations were filed for the said applicant all registrations are invalid for the said fiscal year.

An invalidated or “Failed payment” status indicates that the payment method chosen by the applicant was declined or it did not work. This would mean that the person has lost the chance to be in the lottery in the current year.

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