Indian American Madhuri Srikanth to display her art in Milan

Madhuri Srikanth

North Carolina resident hopes to inspire other Indian American girls to paint their dreams.

Madhuri Srikanth, an Indian American artist with roots in Telangana state is all set to showcase her works at “Romantica”, an international art exhibition at Milan, Italy from April 23 to May 3.

Born in Nalgonda, Cary town, North Carolina resident Srikanth is the lone artist of Indian descent invited to showcase her works at the exhibition organized by M.A.D.S., a contemporary art gallery.

“I consider this as a great opportunity for me to showcase the traditions and culture of India on an international platform,” says the self-taught painter who expresses her dreams through canvas.

“This festival opens doors to possibilities of showcasing art in a different light, with colors becoming the messengers of thought and memory,” she stated in a press release.

“By setting an example, I would also like to encourage more girls of Indian origin born or living in the United States to make painting their manner of expression.”

Inspired by her mother’s Rangoli as a kid, Srikanth started dealing with colors from a young age. Her innate talent was recognized in school, when she received accolades at the national level, and ever since there has been no looking back.

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A mother of two, and Vice-President, at the Truist Bank, Srikanth has developed strong command over various forms of paintings, without any formal training.

From color portraits to murals, from sand art to Tanjore paintings, Srikanth has done some exceptionally great works in at least six forms of paintings.

Three of her works to be showcased at the exhibition are:

Benevolent Buddha (Acrylic painting on a clay board); Size: 24 inches x 18 inches;

Golden Geisha (Tanjore painting with .22 carat gold, semi-precious stones accompanying with poster colors on wooden panel); Size: 11 inches x 14 inches;

Shadow Sway (Tanjore painting with .22 carat gold, semi-precious stones, and Swarovski crystals accompanying with poster colors on wooden panel); Size: 11 inches x 14 inches;

All the paintings are priced at $2,000 each.

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