As Covid halts Indian mangoes, ‘aam’ lovers eye Pakistani cousins


Connoisseurs in US find an alternate taste of the subcontinent as ‘desi aam’ goes missing for the second year.

Anybody who has grown up in India, will tell you that there is scarcely a fruit in the world that is as delicious as a ripe Indian mango with its distinct fleshy texture and taste.

For most Indians in America, the fruit evokes as much nostalgia as it appeals to the taste buds. As summer approaches, the wait for the arrival of king of all fruits from India begins at desi grocery stores.

However, as Covid has been notoriously robbing us of many a merry moments, looks like desi dinner gatherings finished over rounds of fresh ‘aam’ for dessert will have to wait, perhaps for another season.

This will be the second year in row when the import of Indian mangoes has been halted in the US due to the Covid outbreak.

Even as people were hopeful the famed Indian mangoes would arrive on American shores this year, the second and more deadly Covid outbreak in India dashed their hopes at least for this season.

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The mango export from India to the US follows a strict protocol. A phytosanitary officer arrives each year in India from America to inspect and clear the consignment, but this was not possible this year again due to the raging pandemic in India.

However, the lovers of Indian ‘aam’ have found a close cousin – the Pakistani ‘aam’. Due to the proximity between the two countries and similar topography and climate, Pakistani mangoes are said to be just as good as their Indian counterpart.

The desi mango arrival season officially begins in June in the US, and pre-bookings for cartons of mangoes have already begun.

While desi stores like Patel have been stocking the Indian mangoes, of late many switched to online mango retailers. Many food ventures such as Rockaway, New Jersey based which is a food delivery service is delivering Pakistani mangoes.

For the convenience of the customers they are taking orders on WhatsApp and their website has been crashing with the volume of orders. Some of the most popular varieties are Dassera, Langra, Anwar Ratol and Sindhri.

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While the true mango lovers are awaiting Chaunsa and Anwar Ratol which starts coming in July, the demand for Sarooli, and Sindhri which is said to be best for mango shakes, is soaring by the day.

On the WhatsApp group there have been demands for delivery from places such as New York City, Missouri and Philadelphia.

Another popular online mango retailer, has announced on its website that the Indian mangoes are on hold for the season, but the dates for Pakistani mangoes begin June 1.

The varieties also include some others such as Alphonso, Kesar, Neelam, Totapari, Malgova for mango lovers to choose from.

San Antonio, based also deliver fresh Pakistani mangoes in Houston, Chicago, New York, San Jose and almost all major cities in the US.

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    Every soul born in India & Pakistan has few genetically innate and congenital qualities – unflinching love of their country, unfaltering love of their movie stars, unwavering support of their cricket team AND unshakeable and unshareable love of their mangoes. So whenever an article tries to cover both sides of the Radcliff line for any of these topics, does not matter how well-intentioned and balanced, it is always raptly read.
    Now in this article just the idea of comparing and penning down Pakistani and Indian mangoes in one sentence, is squirmingly painful for the hard-core fans and tantamount to evoking the divinely fight among the Giants – Gargantua and Patangruel. Some of the dogmatic among us swore by the meaty nectar, the heavenly redolence, and the empyrean sweetness that their side of the mango has no competition….Hands Down! Period! End of discussion! So when the article pushes the envelop by claiming that both mangoes are “equally good’, it indubitably teeters at the precipice of “blasphemy”!
    Zofeen, jokes aside, it is a good, well-balance and well-intentioned article. Please do write about our cultural and sporting events.

    BTW, this pestilence has given us a good opportunity to share the sweetness. Therefore – BaTow & Mang-Go. Let’s defenstrate the bitterness & sourness by exchanging Alphonso with Anwar Ratool and Kesar with Kachelo mangoes this year and vise versa next year!

    Happy devouring!

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