What post pandemic travel may look like?

The key to thrive in hospitality industry is to stay one step ahead of the trends 

By Akhil Anand

With the Covid-19 pandemic impacting the hospitality industry more than most industries, the future of travel may look a bit different. Here’s what hospitality may look like in 2022.

Hospitality and tourism has always been a major industry in India. While it took a hit during the onset of the pandemic, it is making a steady comeback.

The industry generates millions of jobs around the world and is one of the greatest contributors to the GDP. While universally, hospitality and tourism is dynamic and ever changing and cannot be overlooked, the key to thrive in this industry is to stay one step ahead of the trends and meet the consumers’ demands even before they arise.

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This past year, the industry has had some time to bounce back from the turmoil of the pandemic and we are hopeful to move onwards and upwards from here. Predicting an increase in tourism in 2022, here are some of the trends that you need to keep an eye out for:

The pandemic gave people time to reflect on a wide array of things, including the consequences of their actions.

Through innumerable natural disasters and other occurrences, it has become evident that mankind plays a vital role in determining our future and nature responds to it.

This has resulted in an overall shift towards sustainability across sectors. The hospitality industry must tap it into this shift.

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By putting in protocols to reduce carbon emissions, cut down on water and resources wastage, using renewable energy etc. the industry can rebrand itself as one that is environmentally conscious and in sync with the mindset of the consumers.

Being isolated for months on end and doing everything from home has driven people stir crazy. The concept of staycations has become rapidly popular and now more than ever people are looking for a calm and scenic escape.

A spot equipped with magnificent views of nature, cozy accommodation, friendly staff and some in-house activities is the ideal getaway right now and will be in demand in the near future as well.

While the world is opening up its borders, we are still far from being in the clear when it comes to Coronavirus. It is important to put in the highest levels of safety and sanitary measures in place.

What will make you stand out is the confidence that you can give to the consumers about the steps being taken by your property. Gone are the days when people wanted to vacation in hustling and bustling hotels.

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Now, consumers are gradually shifting towards properties that have ample space and sanctity for them with certain designated common areas for interaction if they so desire.

Having a thorough understanding of the trends and developing well thought through plans for the same will help you capitalize on the spike in tourism that is yet to come. It is essential to make your mark in an otherwise saturated industry.

(Akhil Anand is Director, Tree of Life Resorts and Hotels)

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