Indian American couple killed in jet ski crash in Florida

Nishi Khanna and Sunil Khanna.
Nishi Khanna and Sunil Khanna.

The Editor’s note: This story was updated at 2:16 pm, December 13, 2021.

Jet ski that Virginians Sunil and Nishi Khanna were riding crashed with a boat near Fort Myers on Friday.

An Indian American couple was killed when their jet ski was hit by a boat near Lover’s Key State Park in Florida on Friday.

Springfield, VA, resident Sunil Khanna, 73, and his wife, Nishi Khanna, 65, who were on vacation, along with two friends, a friend of the deceased couple told the American Bazaar.

The accident was first reported by the local CBS affiliate WINK, which quoted Fort Myers Beach Fire Chief as saying that the accident occurred around 12 p.m. on Friday.

On Monday morning, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) confirmed the deaths. “The investigation is ongoing and the final report will likely not be available for quite some time,” it said.

According to the commission, a approximately 12:00 p.m, it “received a call regarding a boating accident that occurred just inside Big Carlos Pass in Lee County involving the collision of a vessel and a personal watercraft (PWC). Both PWC occupants, identified as Sunil K. Khanna, 73, and Nishi Khanna, 65, both from Virginia, were ejected and transported to the hospital with serious injuries. Sadly, both occupants have succumbed to their injuries.”

The commission said no additional injuries were reported. “This incident is currently under investigation by the FWC and additional information will be released as it becomes available,” the commission said.

The Khannas, who were recent retirees, were riding on a Jet Ski near Flippers on the Bay, off the coast of Estero Island, 25 miles to the south of Fort Myers.

An eyewitness told the news outlet that “both the jet ski and boat were going fast when they crashed head-on.”

Following the crash, the jet ski capsized, and the couple was thrown into the water. Even though as many as 20 people rushed to help and a CPR was performed by a doctor, they could not save the two.

“I just heard this real loud boom… and then there was a gasp from the restaurant,” Dr. Rob Kopp, an ENT surgeon, told WINK.

Andress Herrera, general manager of a waterfront restaurant told WINK: “We saw the first guy floating. People started screaming, telling them to pull him out of the water. One is still under the jet ski, so somebody jumped in and went under and pull her out.”

According to the family friend of the Khannas, were scheduled to be back home this weekend.

The Khannas leave behind two adult children, daughter Natasha and son Nalin. They both live in the Washington, DC, area.


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  1. Steven Recupero

    My family is very sorry for your loss

  2. Ghandi Bapoo

    desi daru peeke mat chalao bhai!! Indian, DON’T DRINK and DRIVE!!! otherwise u die

    Listen to gandhy, he rocks! only dank his own piss

  3. Hi,
    Through this medium we would like to thank Dr. Robert W Kopp and every human being present there to save my Aunt and Uncle’s lives.
    It is a huge loss for the family.

  4. Patrick Flavin

    This accident happened just outside our VRBO rental at Lovers Key Resort. We heard the sound of the impact and saw the tragedy unfold below us in the water. I was on with 911 at 11:56. The heroic effort by so many, just regular, people is the one positive that should be remembered from this incident. EMT and Govt Rescue people were not onsite for at least 20 minutes and in that time we saw countless people risking there lives to assist total strangers. I’m not sure that the family will ever know how much the community fought to save their loved ones lives, but it should be noted.

  5. Regarding these posts… for the sake of the sanity in Florida, please stop these ridiculous posts about being offended if the author’s use of “Indian American couple” was used as an identifier. If this or the use of other ethnical identifiers like “Black, White, Asian etc.,” is really offending you, I feel almost as sorry for you as I do for the affected families of this tragedy. This is all about the loss of life, not your offended feelings. It was a terrible accident that most all readers would prefer to not see it turn into a political race discussion or about what words in the article offended someone. The majority of readers won’t seek out racism in this article., however, they may be offended on your post when you are saying you are offended. Does that even make sense to you? Does that even matter? Of course not, because it’s all about you.
    Prayers for the family for their healing and prayers to the offended to not make this tragedy about them.

  6. david Turpin

    What makes a difference what ethnicity they are? Geez…

  7. On your article about Indian couple’s jet ski accident you wrote diseased couple. What are you trying to say? Deceased ?
    Why do you publish these offensive words without knowing the meaning of these words? They were our friends and we think you should apologize for your error.

  8. Albert Rossi

    The media continues to promote racism

  9. Albert Rossi

    Why must they be identified as an Indian American couple?

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