An Airbnb experience in Shimla to beat the summer blues

Picked out of a fairy tale book, crafted with warmth and love, this Airbnb helps you experience the Enid Blyton era

By Akanksha Dean

Planning to visit Shimla? From beautiful mountains to fairy-tale picturesque villages, it doesn’t get any better than Shimla. And what better way to experience this gorgeous city than by staying somewhere in a cottage with views of mountains and the trees.

There’s truly no place quite like it, so let’s make sure you experience it properly at one of the best Airbnb’s in Shimla, capital of the northern Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, in the Himalayan foothills.

Though I had heard of Airbnb several times, but this is the first time that I really used it for a vacation after discovering that hotel rooms were way too expensive.

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I managed to book an entire cottage in just Rs. 6,000 ($80) per night. I mean who needs a hotel suite when you can get an entire cottage in that price.

Using Airbnb to book spaces through your travels not only help save you money, but it also brings you closer to the local culture. Located just a few miles away from the Mall Road in Shimla, the New Cottage in the midst of the green and mountains makes the perfect destination for nature lovers.

The Stay 

On getting off the car there is an awed hush. We have come expecting just the usual mountains and trees, none of that is going to surprise any of us, but this intensely verdant landscape, so far removed the usual landscape typical of this city, has stunned us all.

When there’s a discreet country road that leads you all the way to a spectacular cottage, you know you’ve hit the jackpot. Seriously It’s not every day you get to shack up in a stunning cottage that looks like a dreamy mansion.

Here, it’s all about supreme seclusion with neighboring views of rolling hills, manicured grounds and gardens, and one of the best al fresco situations in Shimla.

Inside the Airbnb, I look in wonder at the elegance of architectural styles, a nice blend of vintage and in styles that were currently in fashion.

It’s unbelievable, no, it’s downright crazy! Think sunset and sunrise, panoramic windows all across from wherever you look and a garden. Windows are my new best friends—they keep the weather out and the view perfect.

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Indeed, this self-contained three-bedroom Airbnb cottage is a winner overlooking the mountains and features the most perfect outdoor patio to watch the sunrise as I sip my morning cup of tea.

On that note, the kitchen here also comes comprehensive with bread, butter, milk, and eggs, which we dig into during our stay.

Here, the great factor is the quantity of sunshine I was lapping up—the property bags a whole lot of gorgeous rays to soak up during one’s stay for a splendid getaway.

In addition to having admission to the entire floor, the Airbnb also has an in-house house help serving you delectable food and running extra errands for a mere Rs. 300 ($4) per day!

Picked out of a fairy tale book, crafted with warmth and love, this Airbnb helps you experience the Enid Blyton era. All in all, this luxury cottage is a trip to the lap of nature with all modern amenities.

To book log on to the Airbnb App and find  Aira Holme

(Akanksha Dean is an independent Indian chef & food & travel writer)

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