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US starts ’12 Days of Visas’ program in India

17% increase in H&L work visa applications; waiting time reduced, says US mission

The US Embassy in New Delhi has begun with a ’12 Days of Visas’ program encouraging Indian professionals to check out on H&L work visas. Tuesday marked day one of the campaign which will continue until Christmas.

A video clip shared by the embassy on their social media handles noted that there was a 17% increase in the H&L visa applications and the waiting time for the same has been reduced. It said that this means tens of thousands of workers and families have been able to reunite or start working in the US.

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“We are starting with #12DaysofVisas today! Check out day 1 on H&L visas,” the embassy tweeted Tuesday.

The L1 visa is reserved for managerial or executive professionals transferring to the US from within a US-based company or a company opening up its operations in the US.

H-1B visa coveted by Indian tech professionals is needed when a US-based company hires high skilled professional. L1 and H-1B are the most common types of work visas in the US.

In recent years, more than two thirds of 80,000 H-1B work visas, including 20,000 for those with masters degrees from US institutions, have gone to Indians.

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US Embassy also shared that this year also marks the 100th anniversary of the White House Christmas tree ceremony.

“This year marks the 100th anniversary of the @WhiteHouse Christmas tree ceremony! The tree lighting has brought holiday joy and cheer to millions over the years. Join us in taking a peek at the history of the #WhiteHouseChristmasTree. https://bit.ly/3P4Jmxh

“The White House@WhiteHouse

The National Christmas Tree Lighting – a White House tradition for 100 years,” it tweeted.

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