Offence of Google is too un-ashamedly brazen: BJP leader Tarun Vijay

What Google has done is challenging the Indian law: MP.

By Neethu M.

NEW DELHI: BJP MP Tarun Vijay spoke to The American Bazaar on the controversial Google Mapathon2013 contest.

Excerpts from the interview:

“The maps which would be now produced in the contest could be directly or indirectly used by the enemy of the nation,” says Supreme Court lawyer Ranjith Marar. Taking into consideration the lack of clarity in the Official Secrets Act, 1923, how do you think the Indian law can book Google? In a larger context, do you think there is laxity in the Indian aw?

It’s for the government to decide how Google can be taken to the question box and convicted for the offence it has committed so brazenly as if there is a Jungle Raj in India. It’s the colonial mindset of such arrogant giants that makes them feel free to take laws of the emerging economies for granted. The Indian government will have to show whether it is Sanjay Dutt or Google, they are all equal before law and none can presume immunity.

What was the outcome of your meeting with the Defense Minister, A.K. Antony, on the Google Mapathon2013 contest? Will there be immediate action since today being the final day for the contest?

We were expecting so, as the Defense minister assured that it’s a serious matter and action will be taken soon. But the Survey of India has already started taking some action, as this was disclosed to me by its Surveyor General, Mr. Swarna Subba Rao, and Deputy Surveyor General Major General R. C. Padhy.

You said that the Minister of Technology has also promised to take action against Google.

The Survey of India comes under the purview of Ministry of Science and Technology. The Secretary, Mr. Ramasami, has given the go ahead to Survey of India to move against Google as the offence of Google is too un-ashamedly brazen that can’t be ignored.

Taking into consideration the freedom of right to expression, do you think the contest is an infringement of Indian laws? If so why?

India stands as the tallest nation in the world known for its press freedom and a great media that has stood tests of time. But what Google has done is challenging the Indian law, taking it lightly and hence has acted against the media ethics. It’s the righteous and principled media that is taking up the cause against Google violation of law.

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