Sexual harassment case fabricated: Phaneesh Murthy

Personal matter, says fired CEO of iGate.

By Dileep Thekkethil

BANGALORE: The terminated CEO of iGate Phaneesh Murthy has snubbed the allegation of sexual harassment filed against him, and claimed that the masterminds behind the new case is the same lawyer and the law firm that represented against him in a similar sexual harassment case in 2002, while he was working with Infosys.

iGate terminated Murthy after conducting a preliminary inquiry into his alleged relationship with Araceli Roiz, 31, the investor relations head, who filed a case of sexual harassment last week. The company concluded Murthy failed his contract with iGate by hiding his relationship with Roiz, but didn’t find grounds for a case of sexual harassment.

In a media conference call, Murthy admitted that he had a relationship with Roiz but he informed the Chairman of iGate only after he broke up with her. According to Murthy his decision not to inform the chairman earlier about his relationship was the reason for his dismissal.

“I had informed the chairman many weeks ago. Perhaps I should have informed the chairman earlier than when I did,” said Murthy.

Murthy had trouble finding his words at the conference call. He said the relationship with Roiz was his personal matter, but as it has affected his career, he would take advice from his lawyer. He refused to comment on the reaction of his family.

When asked about the reason for the breakup, he said, “When you figure out women, let me know. I will take lessons from you.”

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