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Business delegation from Maryland to visit 4 cities in India

Led by Isiah Leggett, executive with Montgomery County.

By Deepak Chitnis

WASHINGTON, DC: Isiah Leggett, the Executive of Montgomery County in Maryland, will lead a business expedition to India this November, visiting four of the country’s biggest and most important cities in an effort to forge crucial commercial ties between the US and India.

The expedition, which will transpire from Nov. 13-22, will see Leggett and an envoy of the US-India World Affairs Institute (USIWAI) visit Hyderabad and Raipur from the 13-17, and New Delhi and Bangalore for the remainder of the trip.

The USIWAI was chosen by the Montgomery County Department of Economic Development to explore opportunities for Business-to-Business (B2B) relationships between companies in both countries. The US Commercial Services and the Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development are also backing the expedition.

“America’s and India’s fortunes in the 21st century seem irrevocably tied together, and it is in the interests of both nations to continue working together in business, economic, defense, homeland security, foreign affairs, and other spheres,” said Dr. Raj Davé, Chairman of the USIWAI, in a statement. “It’s a role not just for governments, but for all of us in business, academia, and civil society to help facilitate and strengthen the strategic partnership.”

Business leaders will also accompany the delegation, and will have the opportunity to “experience first-hand the substantial opportunities that exist in one of the largest, fast-growing nations in the world.” Delegates will also attend the 20th Annual Technology Summit & Technology Platform in New Delhi, a major event that features industry leaders, and is organized through a partnership between the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and the Indian Government’s Department of Science & Technology.

Other benefits, listed on the USIWAI website, will be a pre-departure seminar on “Doing Business in India,” the ability for companies to “raise [their] profile through visits with business and government decision makers, roundtable discussions with executives of Indian companies, and the ability to “receive market access and other relevant information.”

Participating firms will also have the opportunity to receive an ExportMD grant from the Maryland state government. Given out by the state’s Department of Business and Economic Development, ExportMD grants “help subsidize the cost of their export promotion efforts, as well as business support through their representative in India,” according to a press release issued by the involved organizations.

Firms will also have access to the US Commercial Service’s Gold Key Matchmaking service, which allows “eligible U.S. companies can receive pre-screened appointments with prospective agents, distributors, licensees, and joint venture and other strategic partners in India.”

An information seminar for interested business leaders will be held on May 6, at the Shady Grove Innovation Center in Rockville, Maryland. Registration, which is free, can be done at the following link: india-us.org/events/InformationBriefing1.