Many H4 visa holders will get work permits this year

A historic first for the US immigration system.

By Sujeet Rajan

NEW YORK: If all goes according to proposed plans announced on Tuesday by the Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker and Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas, the Department of Homeland Security will start issuing for the very first time Employment Authorization Cards (EAD), also known as work permits, to some H4 visa holders, sometime this year.

The dramatic announcement was made by Pritzker in a conference call to reporters yesterday. She outlined two main regulations proposed by the Obama administration: to give work permits to those spouses of H-1B visa holders who have a Green Card application being processed; and to attract highly skilled researchers and scientists from around the world. Other regulations being put in place include making it easier for workers from certain countries to continue employment in the US.

The beneficiaries would be those H-1B applicants and the dependent H4 visa holders who have an approved 1-140 application or have waited beyond the six years of their H-1B visa period and are in line for a Green Card.

The new rules, which could come into effect as early as in the next four months – after it is published in the Federal Register, followed by a period of 60 days months where comments would be taken from those who are for and against it, and then by a 30 day waiting period for the cards to be issued, would benefit almost 100,000 H4 visa holders this year – 97,000 according to Mayorkas – and around 30,000 annually in the coming years. At present, every year 85,000 H-1B visas are issued, including 20,000 for students who graduate from universities in the US.

According to the Department of Homeland Security, the change to the regulation on skilled workers would:

  • Update the regulations to include nonimmigrant high-skilled specialty occupation professionals from Chile and Singapore (H-1B1) and from Australia (E-3) in the list of classes of aliens authorized for employment incident to status with a specific employer,
  • Clarify that H-1B1 and principal E-3 nonimmigrants are allowed to work without having to separately apply to DHS for employment authorization.
  • Allow E-3, H-1B1 and CW-1 nonimmigrant workers up to 240 days of continued work authorization beyond the expiration date noted on their Form I-94, Arrival/Departure Record, while the extension request is pending.

It would affect workers in specialty occupation nonimmigrant classifications for professionals from Chile and Singapore (H-1B1) and Australia (E-3), as well as Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Island (CNMI)-Only Transitional Workers (CW-1).

Under current regulations, employers of workers in E-3, H-1B1, or CW-1 status must generally file a petition requesting the extension of the employee’s status well before the initial authorized duration of status expires.

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Finally, this proposal would also expand the current list of evidentiary criteria for employment-based first preference (EB-1) outstanding professors and researchers to allow the submission of evidence comparable to the other forms of evidence already listed in the regulations.  This proposal would harmonize the regulations for EB-1 outstanding professors and researchers with other employment-based immigrant categories that already allow for submission of comparable evidence, said the DHS.

The proposed action on the H4 visa holders and other rules would be implemented outside of the purview of the Congress. The Department of Homeland Secretary has the power to issue the EAD cards. Since it does not fall under Executive Action, which only the President of the United States, can decide upon, there is bound to be less controversy politically on the rule changes.

Johnson Myalil, an immigration attorney in the Washington, DC, area, in an interview to The American Bazaar, said that the discretion in this case will be taken by the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, and thus avoid getting strangled in Congress, like the comprehensive immigration reforms which was passed by the Senate, but is stalled in the US House of Representatives.

“Republicans will not oppose it as this is for legal immigration, and business bodies would be for it,” said Johnson.

“These individuals are American families in waiting,” Pritzker said on the conference call. “Many tire of waiting for green cards and leave the country to work for our competition. The fact is we have to do more to retain and attract world-class talent to the United States, and these regulations put us on a path to do that.”

Mayorkas said: “The proposals announced will encourage highly skilled, specially trained individuals to remain in the United States and continue to support US businesses and the growth of the US economy.”

In a Guest Blog post on the Department of Commerce website, Pritzker said that “These measures are part of administrative reforms first announced in 2012, and reflect our commitment to attracting and retaining highly-skilled immigrants, continuing our economic recovery, and encouraging job creation.”

She added: “Once enacted, this proposed rule would empower these spouses to put their own education and skills to work for the country that they and their families now call home.  This rule change was requested in a “We the People” petition to the White House.”

According to Pritzker, the DHS is also proposing another new rule to make it easier for outstanding professors and researchers in other countries to demonstrate their eligibility for the EB-1 visa, a type of green card reserved for the world’s best and brightest.

“Just as great athletes and performers are already able to provide a range of evidence to support their petition for an EB-1, professors and researchers would be able to present diverse achievements such as groundbreaking patents or prestigious scientific grants,” she said.

“These measures build on continuing Administration efforts to streamline existing systems, eliminate inefficiency, and increase transparency, such as by the launch of Entrepreneur Pathways, an online resource center that gives immigrant entrepreneurs an intuitive way to navigate opportunities to start and grow a business in the United States.”

Pritzker pointed out in the blog that immigration was responsible for one-third of the explosive growth in patenting in past decades, and these innovations contributed to increasing U.S. GDP by 2.4 percent. Immigrants represent 50 percent of PhDs working in math and computer science and 57 percent of PhDs working in engineering, and one study found that 26 percent of all U.S.-based Nobel laureates over the past 50 years were foreign born.

“Immigrants are also overrepresented in the ranks of America’s entrepreneurs, as they are more than twice as likely as the native-born to start a business in the United States. Immigrants started one of every four small businesses and high-tech startups across America, and more than 40 percent of Fortune 500 companies—from GE and Ford to Google and Yahoo!—were founded by immigrants or the children of immigrants,” she wrote.

The rule changes also acknowledges one of the key elements of the immigration debate: the huge waiting period for Green Cards, with applicants from India have to wait at least 11 years to get their permanent residency.

Early comments from politicians suggest a mix of jubilation and relief, with anger at the White House taking action to keep the GOP out of the decision-making process.

Representative Judy Chu, a Democrat who represents a California district with many immigrant communities, praised the proposals as a good “first step” that would protect immigrant families, reported The New York Times.

“Denying spouses the right to work is an ill-conceived policy that has gone on for too long,” Chu said.

Senator Charles E. Grassley, Republican of Iowa, accused the Obama administration of a “lack of compassion and understanding” for American workers who have lost jobs because “companies prefer to hire lower-paid workers from abroad.”

Grassley also questioned whether the president had the legal authority to change the rules. “Where will this administration stop?” he asked. “What other categories of individuals will be granted work authorizations?” he told the Times.

Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-Calif.), who represents a portion of Silicon Valley, was quoted as saying by The Hill that she “oftentimes” meets the husband or wife of a tech company engineer, “who is also educated but not allowed to fully contribute his or her talents, which sometimes leads the couple to leave the U.S. altogether.”

She also advocated immigration reforms:  “I think the Administration can continue to investigate ways to make improvements, but ultimately Congress must pass top–to–bottom immigration reform if we are going to fix our country’s broken immigration system.”

Silicon Valley cheered the news of the new proposed rules.

Fred Humphries, a vice president at Microsoft, one of the biggest users of H-1B visas, said they would have “a positive economic impact,” according to the Times.

“By sensibly improving these rules, we can help ensure that the most talented foreign innovators conduct their break-through research right here at home,” said Bruce Mehlman, head of the Technology CEO Council, which represents leaders of Intel, IBM and other tech companies, reported the Hill.

“These factors cause America to lose valuable talent when a green card candidate — many of whom were educated at American universities — to abandon their quest for citizenship and seek employment in countries that compete with the Untied States,” said Linda Moore, president of the TechNet trade group, which counts Apple, Microsoft and AT&T among its members, reported the Hill.

While the news of issuing EAD cards to H4 visa holders has come as welcome relief to hundreds of thousands of families in the US, the Murthy Law firm, the largest immigration practice in the US, had a word of caution for those planning to celebrate.

In a statement, Murthy said the proposed rules would “allow H-4 spouses to apply for employment authorization if the H1B worker and H-4 spouse are the beneficiaries of an approved I-140 immigrant petition; or, if they have been granted an extension of stay based upon the American Competitiveness in the Twenty-first Century Act of 2000 (AC21) (i.e. Extension of H1B status beyond 6 years based upon a pending green card case).”

The company adds: “… the rule change is still only a proposal, at this point. Unless the proposed rule successfully makes it through the entire rulemaking process, it will have no impact on the ability of H-4 spouses to obtain work authorization. Further, at this time, there is no way to know how long the rulemaking process may take.”



  1. This is just eye wash… it is Jan 2015 … and it was supposed to be
    passed in 2014….. The fact remains that USA wants to attract the best
    and the brightest by saying come to USA. Fill our universities – pay 4
    times the normal fees (this fees we use improve research and development
    and improve our facilities).. AND you can have a great future…

    FACT remains … please (No Indians and Chinese allowed) written in *
    conditions apply. because if your from India – or China … you do not
    have a future … because it will take you ages – 20 – 30 years to
    become a permanent resident and for that period of time …. you can
    continue contributing taxes …. etc and work as a slave… with no
    prospects of settling down in life…

    To counter this fact the dog
    has been thrown an imaginary bone… (imaginary because there has been
    talk about this going on since 2009. h4 work authorization … was
    supposed to be done in 2014.. but then you have teleconference … blah
    blah blah talk talk talk and continue the BS…. and keep the soap

    If you are a sensible Indian or Chinese … your last
    priority should be USA… if you the brightest in IT, Medicine and
    Tech… Stay away from USA…. start a company in ur own country and
    give the facebook and amazon a run for its money

  2. Sparkling star**

    This is a fantastic move..
    Most of the h4 spouses are very educated and can do better for the country.. Not allowing them to work brings dissatisfaction in immigrants and also is not good for countries welfare.
    I am an IT professional, I was on H1 but after my kids I chose to be on H4, but now i am deprived of working as my status does not allow me to work though I have all the skill-sets to work..
    If this rule of h4 getting EAD passes I can get back to work.. Earn and pay taxes for country’s welfare.. I strongly support this act as it’s in favor of everyone..

  3. Sakshar Thakkar

    Any Progress on this one?

  4. The top 10% of any country would be considered “brilliant”. Although the H1B effort is pointing towards one country, I do not see “brilliance” with ~every~ candidate hailing from this area. China has the largest population on the planet; and, I have often heard “if you need something impossible done, send it to Russia”. Yet – I do not see a strong representation of these countries in the US IT recruiting market. In other words, I do not see emails coming from recruiting houses with Russian or Chinese names (even though their capacity to do work is just as good – or oftentimes – better). I am not sure about Russia – but – given the jumps of growth in China as of now, I do not think it is due to a lack of an “entrepreneurial spirit”.

    My thoughts that the reason why Russia and China are not engaged to such an extent is because of the political relationship between these 2 countries (and the fact that they are working to have the dollar replaced as a default world currency). In the past, if the US went down, China would go down with it (because of the currency ties).

    My understanding is that when the “crash” of 2008 took place, it was under Bush. The original plan was to leave the problem for the next administration; but, China ordered (for lack of a better word) Bush to address it on his watch by issuing some kind of threat (or ultimatum) because the Chinese currency would suffer.

    Now China is making obvious moves to insulate itself from a US meltdown and remove itself from dependency on the US dollar (which would hurt). Russia is doing the same as well. Of all the BRICS nations, the US seems to want to exert the most control over India. In other words, send as many fiat dollars as possible to that country. I suppose it is an effort to create some kind of co-dependency relationship with this country as it once existed with China in the past.

    Initially, I had thought that the outsourcing to one country was due to some of the more common reasons being circulated on the internet and MSM. Supposedly, it is due to “better quality of work” or “corporate greed”, etc. While the reasons for its implementation might be true in a number of instances, it is most definitely not the case for all.

    Given that there is not a proportionate IT representation from other countries using the visa program, and the lack of consistency with regards to the quality of individuals hailing from this ~one~ area, I am now finding these claims to be suspicious. One can consider that perhaps the TPTB from the US are pushing forth this policy not from a position of strength but one of weakness. The speed at which this is being implemented indicates some kind of desperation. The reasons being circulated are to provide a “distraction” of sorts from what is really taking place.

  5. It is quite common for immigrants to seek a work permit while in the United States as it gives them the official nod for being employed and earning themselves some income.

    Pasadena immigration lawyer

  6. People, realize one thing:

    -> H1B visas are not just for the IT industry.

    Whenever H1B is discussed, IT is always brought up as an example of outsourcing and rampant abuse.

    Understand this: IT is but a drop in the US labor market and punishing the entire labor market because of one component is idiotic. There is a real shortage right now in many different areas.

    Do you have any idea how hard it is to hire a Chemical Engineer right now? Do you know that the Shale Oil revolution is about to halt to a grind due to the severe lack of skilled workers (engineers, welders, etc etc) to the point that many shale oil companies are lobbying really hard to get additional work permits for foreigners?

    Do you know that engineering salaries have been increasing at least 2x above inflation for the last 5 years (even when including the recession)? Do you know that right now a Chemical Engineer gets paid an AVERAGE of $140,000 in Houston?

    If these are not the signs of a labor market that desperatelly needs skilled labor (native or immigrant), I don’t know what is

  7. Hi, I am kankana, MA in Health in foster city home stayed. I am here to accompany my husband who worked for visa. We may have to stay here for 6 months. As i came here with h4 visa and do not have any SSN no. is it possible to do an online job or like that?

  8. James James

    I have worked with Indian I T workers for many years. Yet to meet one who had any idea of Quality, deadlines or taking personal responsibility. They lobby from day 1 for their relatives to be hired, they look for soft billets and are ready with excuses for non delivery. In the end, they rely on the racist card to protect themselves. We stopped taking European blue collar workers, we now take pencil pushers from Asia. Our politicians are afraid that because of the voting blocks they have formed, they must quietly go along with them. Look at Toronto, London, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Melbourne and you will find cities and even countries where the welfare systems and the healthcare systems are buckling, where Christian society is fighting for survival. Yet, some wish this on us. Our grandchildren will curse us for what we have done.

    • ollieallears

      You confuse two issues. One is the H-4 visa which means about 500,000 women in theis country are not allowed to build a life in this counry of ‘freedom and opportunity’. They are only good for conjugal visits says the US government. This is Taliban-like thinking and not what the US stands for (or says it stands for).

      The other issue is temporary work-permits. The idea wasn’t so bad 20 years ago but big employers perverted it. They turned it into a source for workers similar to ‘indentured servants.’
      The whole system H-1B, L-1, O-1, J-1, OPT, etc. needs a complete overhaul because of the misuse and abuse.

      Punishing H-4 women because the US government is too beholden to big business and their lobbyists to implement a better guest worker/immigrant system is outright wrong. It is also useles. All that is achieved is the creation of a class of second-rate citizens who will never be able to take care of themselves.
      And how it benefits US society is still completely unclear to me.

  9. Wendy Lee

    How can we vote against it? No more H4 to steal American jobs.

    • disqus_P8XEADjHO5

      What are chinese doing here???

    • ollieallears

      H-4’s currently are not stealing jobs as they are not allowed to work in the US. They also cannot volunteer. They cannot start a business.
      They are also forbidden to work for an employer in country of origin while in the US. (They would pay taxes in the US bytheway.)

      You want USers to do most of the jobs in this country ? Then make your children your priority. Make kids work harder in school. Make education cheap, so they can get Masters degrees and Ph.D.’s too. Establish good vocational and other on the job training, etc. etc.

      Want less immigrants coming ? Stop tooting your horn about how welcoming the US is to immigrants. How this country was built by immigrants. How this is the country of opportunity for those who want to work hard. Become honest about immigration.

      Reform your immigration policies. Stop the family chain-migration. Stop the visa lottery. How can one take a country seriously if it raffles residency permits ?!
      Implement an immigration system that has only one question: will the US benefit from the immigrant ?

    • RKsharma2012!documentDetail;D=USCIS-2010-0017-0001

      comment on this link with your thoughts before Indians or specifically south Indians snatch everything from you using their lies and tricks,always remember they have endless tricks in bag which honest and hardworking Americans, Chinese etc don’t realize

  10. RKsharma2012

    Read this paper to learn more about US economy, condition of IT market and how to survive in it

    • RKSharma, Who ever you are. You know you are big ASS****. You think you have Einstein brain. But the way you analyze thing speaks how, stupid a you are. I dont think you are Indian. If you are indian, it is shame on you. You are Perfect example of Haram core. You Quote some isolated incidents and make conclusion. If you are deprived of your job, just because of rules. you will know the importance of H4- EAD. and fact is EAD dont have to work for Corp- corp.So there is no such bullShiit , what you mentioned.So dont write artical and do sinfull prayer , publicly. when you dont know any stuff.

      • RKsharma2012

        H4 EAD will open more body shopping companies to exploit vulnerable Indians and trend to willfully keep Americans out of jobs by south Indians will continue, rest all is lie, you want to continue looting US market because it suits your interest and calling bad names to others and to show aggression is an old Indian technique so it doesn’t bother me, no EAD for H4, no third party placement, no layer between end client and H1 sponsor, each Us citizen should call police if he/she sees visa violation by Indians whether LCA violation, fake resume or degree or experience or any other trick, Americans need to stand up as if it was in hands of south Indians, they will snatch food from children as well and make no mistake this highly organized sophisticated crime syndicate shows no mercy to others, they talk slowly because brain needs time to think and evaluate next lie or trick but that is truth, spread message help America, help humanity, do good in life

        • Clinton Gomes

          RKSharma is stupid

          • I am very intelligent, that is why I am running this campaign so that everybody in society knows how South Indians with fake resume, fake degrees etc are willfully keeping Americans out of US job market.

          • RKSharma the dumbaxx,

            You are such an idiot pompous jerk who thinks think he is the only deserving person to get any work authorization…

            You fool, do you even understand the difference between eligibility to apply for EAD, and actually taking someone’s job fraudulently. Every single law in the books of US has been abused and that’s why you have judicial system to prosecute the criminals. You DONT object any law only on basis of how it I likely to be abused, but instead you put enough safe guards so that deserving people can get benefits while others get punished if thy try to get the system.

            Your good for nothing crap piece of paper might have been helpful to you in getting your good for nothing degree or job, but that doesn’t provide any fair and unbiased view of thousands of H4 visa holders who are deprived of the opportunities to prosper and contribute to US economy.

            Millions of Americans game welfare system, do you suggest US should stop it? Heck, millions of illegals are already living here, draining resources by sending their kids to public schools getting free education, getting free healthcare and not paying any taxes, and those most of the H1Bs come here legally, obey the laws and pay taxes, and you have problem with their spouses getting even eligibility to work??

            You pathetic loser, you have bigger issues to worry about then US giving work permit to H4s so why don’t you go back to your mama’s basement and suck your lollipop while thinking in your dream word how you good you are….

            Whether an American using fake name or an Indian, you are a shame and disgrace to humans…

          • I should have shame why? because I said reality. You South Indians are gaming US system, you are not allowing anybody else including Americans to get any jobs, open your eyes and see any US corporation’s IT department, do you see anybody except South Indians, pathetic people from Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu who just recruit their own kind, fake resume, fake degrees, fake references, high ego and temper and everything is total lie, slow talkers because your brain needs to think about next lie. Man read the book




            Spread the reality, H4 EADs will open more body shopping companies to aid this already sophisticated criminal mafia going on. I am writing letters to all CEOs of major corporations to highlight what is going on, everybody should get united before South Indian onslaught brings everyone on road. American jobs for Americans, stop criminal mafia.

        • RKSharma@Go back to India, and let Americans live peacefully. We dont need people like u.

          • Again a South Indian trying to be an extra smart, man you want to continue looting America by forming your own regional cartel, this is not acceptable, your monopoly in US IT industry needs to broken with iron hand. Your fraudulent H1B visa should be cancelled and you should be deported back to India.

          • hey come on yaar ,just sop it me too from north ,dont blame our country peoples.

        • I feel Sharmaji is not a NorthIndian… he is not even a Sharma…. probably a Southy…. eh… there are other states is South too, you know….

  11. Mumbai Job Robber

    go home H1B’s, go home H4’s, you’re not welcome in this country. Take your job-robbing ways back to india moderchods, American STEM workers have had it with your fake CV’s and bogus liar degrees…go home now

    • publicelement

      kya kare thumhare gadhe ki akkal se koi IT ka kaam nahi bantha hai na.. :P

    • disqus_P8XEADjHO5

      You and your children will see more competition in future only bright will survive.

    • ollieallears

      Please stop the name calling and the insulting. It is so unproductive.
      Tell Congress to reform your immigration system.

      If you feel anger about foreign workers address it to the companies and instituitions that bring these workers in. And to wards the politicians who made/let it happen.

    • If a indian goes back. a paki or chinese or russian will take up your job anyways. because you are not up to the mark. Best thing to do right now is to go and update your skills rather than whining.
      Less than 1% of US population are Indians (ratio applies to job market as well). How that threatens you Vince. the math does not add up.

      • Well said JBuddha JI ..your four lines are punch lines in the entire discussion to the Americans who claim indians to go back … Its the country for talent,if we go some one come and replace ,my suggestion , pls improve your tech skills. if yes no one can replace you anytime, or else things wont be in hands ,feel sorry for that.

  12. H1B visa aspirant

    God knows how sensible it is to issue the EAD only to the H4 visa holders who probably would have to wait for 6-8 years until they receive I-140. In most of the blogs, I read that US economy will boost by issuing such visas (immediately around 97000). But I really fail to understand how its gonna happen? If we talk about boosting US economy, how about issuing EAD to the H4 holders who had bright carriers at their home countries, are highly experienced and skilled (and not lucky enough to get though H1 lottery system) and are not out of the market since long? I think they really deserve the chance to enter the US job market rather than any one else does.

    • Alice Blue

      No, their home countries need them more.

    • ollieallears

      The whole thing is a scam to divide H-4 visa holders who were coming together in the last few years.
      Only the wives of EB-1 category Green Card applicants will profit from the new rule. For others, nothing. I know from bitter experience that no one will hire you if you have been unemployed for eight years. You are damaged material. Not good for anything anymore except the cleaning you have been doing all those years already.

      Also USCIS website states that if the H-1B holder has EAD approval, the wive has a right to an EAD also. Apparently this rule is on the books for a few years already.
      But this means the husband has to let go of H-1B status and go for EAD. Many employers do not like that. So it seldomly happens.
      Wives, their lives, are not important after all.

  13. My husband is on H1 but his green card is not in process .So can I work on H4 after this law?

  14. RKsharma2012

    For last few days I am reading in media, that US authorities may
    consider option of giving EAD to spouses of H1Bs. I want to bring few
    points to your notice from an insider perspective.

    1.I will say adding more EAD/H1Bs are not going to benefit US economy
    unless senior authorities in US fix some underlying Issues.

    IT industry is controlled by Indians from only two states in India,
    Tamil Naidu and Andhra pradesh, as you know India is a diverse country
    with different languages and cultures with lot of discrimination and
    infighting among various sections.

    Coming back to point, people from Tamil Naidu and Andhra Pradesh working
    in IT field recruit people only from their region, villages etc. A mass
    trend is going on (in USA) where Managers from same community are being
    paid cut under the table (which is called bribe in US) to keep people
    from his/her community. There is no hiring whatsoever of any Americans,
    technical reason given are, person is not fit for team, or doesn’t have
    skill set, US CEOs are told that Indians will work for cheap than
    Americans but if you take into account; fixing, testing, delayed and
    shelved projects, there are negligible savings in the end for US

    3.Practices like slavery, disrespect, dirty politics,
    discrimination,exploitation are being ported from India in quantified
    magnitude to USA, look at any IT company what is reality, Indians can’t
    work with anybody except people from Tamil Naidu (Hyper sensitive
    managers with high end ego) and Andhra (people with fraud degrees,
    resumes and fake work experience), whatever America has progressed in
    200-300 years especially in fields like HR, social sciences will be
    lost. There won’t be any new Innovation because slowly and steadily
    culture of slavery, nepotism has become norm in last 15 yrs, right now
    it is at peak in US IT industry.

    If this goes on there will be complete elimination of all HR concepts
    taught in top B schools in USA like Harvard,Columbia, Stanford, MIT,
    Wharton etc, ground reality is Indians know only one thing, manage by
    threat, this style doesn’t work in knowledge era, so they won’t ever
    hire Americans or natives, technical suggestions or excuses may vary but
    this is ground reality. Lot of H1B from these states are working with
    fake degrees and by just paying bribes to managers of their own

    One way to tackle this mess is, don’t allow any H1Bs to work on third
    party site which is known in Industry as staffing/Client site, well if
    someone wants to hire an Einstein, let them keep Einstein inside the

    4. All recruiting activities in US IT industry are outsourced, people
    sitting in India in Tamil Naidu and Andhra Pradesh are using magic
    jack/Vonage phones to call candidates in US, then they push profile of
    these candidates to American businesses, one company who is actual
    sponsor of H1B hands over resume to second company and so on till resume
    reaches desk of a Manager working with end client in USA like Citibank,
    all these middle men keep charging money every hour by claiming on
    paper that they are actual sponsor of H1B candidate.

    Nowhere in world is; this practice going on, people sitting in India are
    controlling US market and because of their own financial interest they
    make changes in resume to make it look like 100% fit with job
    requirements. Local Americans are not preferred as locals are aware of
    their rights and don’t want to get exploited.

    Indian companies especially in New Jersey/California area sponsor H1Bs,
    then approach is to exploit other Indians and make money, once cycle of
    one Indian gets completed, he/she starts same cycle again to exploit
    other Indians by opening a consulting company (which in reality does
    staffing services as explained), these companies, lie and lie, hire few
    Indians on H1 and continue cycle of exploitation for years. These
    companies take one apartment on rent and during bench period; put other
    Indians (whose H1B they sponsor)like animals in one apartment(so no
    expenditure either to boost US economy, rather there is burden on
    natural ecosystem).

    5. Finally I understand cases in US are decided based on facts and not
    emotions, I have brought few observations/facts into your notice and am
    praying before you to make a system which is fair to local Americans
    (Black,white,Women,Spanish etc), this way everybody will be happy and in
    my opinion giving EAD to H4 is not good, you are adding new people to
    work force (which will increase nepotism, favoritism, bribery etc)
    without fixing underlying issues.

    In my humble opinion, practically there should be two actions first; as part of legal immigration overhaul.

    Action 1.

    H1B candidates shouldn’t be allowed to work at third party, also
    referred as client site, example can be Citibank. Companies in US should
    be allowed to sponsor H1B with caveat that keep person in-house,
    Companies can’t market the H1B person to others. This clause may reduce
    lot of existing problems.

    Action 2.

    There should not be any layer involved between end client and H1 Sponsor
    company, I am sure with this; all fraudulent Indian companies in New
    Jersey/California who are gaming US immigration system will get closed,
    since these people don’t do hard work, they are just exploiting other
    Indians in name of H1 sponsorship. Also American CEOs should be
    requested to hire diverse people in IT teams across USA so that monopoly
    gets broken.

    I hope my observations and prayer can make difference to lives of all
    humans who are part of this great country known as America on planet
    earth. I was honest in bringing facts to your notice since due to
    political correctness nobody including media is thinking/stating about
    ground reality.

    With this I rest my humble prayer before you.

    Best Regards,

    RK Sharma

    Indian IT professional

    • @RKsharma2012:disqus ,
      Do you even realize that this is a comment section of news website? Who do you think will pay heed to your “humble prayer”. It is not the “indians” you mentioned in your lament that are the problem. Everybody knows that if you have the talent you will get the job in the US. It is a pity that a person with a fake degree and fake experience can get a job and then keep it thus acting as your direct competition. I do not know who this scenario reflects badly on – the imposter or you, who can not compete with someone no knowledge according to your “real” degree and “real” experience.
      Anyway my sincere advice to you is to please learn to stop making generalizations and try to realize that you might be lacking necessary skills that are required to succeed in the US.
      Secondly, if you have specific information about any fraudulent hiring practices and any person with fake credentials, please report it to the relevant authorities instead of posting “humble prayers” in a comment section. If all your “information” is hearsay, then STFU.

      • Dear Arch, Are you questioning the hiring process in the US? If Indians with fake resumes can perform equivalent or even better than Americans, who do not fake their resumes and elaborate evvvvvery small detail in a fancy way, then I would say Indians are extremely smart people!! Does the workforce need people who are smart, who can work 10-12hrs/day straight and get the job done easily or people who have degrees on their resume, lots of work experience but are lazy and unable to perform their job duties and still expect incentives!!! You gotta be kidding me…

        Please stoke your bloated ego and dream abt a world, where u r superior and Indians(and others) r ripping you off.. Just because your ancestors came to US decades before and got their GC’s easily, doesnt qualify u as skilled. Live and let live. Let others get the opportunity which u (merely) luckily inherited.

        I doubt if you really live in US and have ever attended a school (ever?), then you might know about inalienable freedom of speech in United States. If this guy wants to give his opinions, let him do that. Y do u hv a problem? Do u feel threatened and doubt ur credentials n dont have faith in ur calibre??

        And for goodness sake, stop considering yourself better than whole population or your Indian boss will kick your rear end.

        May God give you some peace (piece) of mind!!!

        • Alice Blue

          The fake resume holders can get by on a project team because the non-technical management doesn’t know any better. Not till the project is “done” and broken – then it is time to move on to the next conjob.

          • @salamanca:disqus I have already explained a lot on myths about the fake resume and experience. Not to mention, most of the indians working in USA have attained their Masters degree in US and are now working on H1B. Looks like you dont trust the hiring process of US companies and your education system as well. God bless you!!!! I work at a leading telecom company, where 5 Americans were fired recently. They worked for peanuts but were good for nothing. Walking out of the office at 3pm, going for coffee breaks 4 times a day was all those dumb people were doing. The company is now hiring two Indians for the same job and are ready to pay them what they demand. I guess even American project managers know that 1 Indian works equivalent and much more effectively than 2 americans and Indians are the only one who can save their project which was obviously not “done” and broken by lazy americans!! LOL

        • Captainbullfrog

          LOL talent doesn’t figure into it. Indians are cheaper and easily exploited. It is surprising how bady Indians want to emigrate to the US when there is such a negative attitude about them – they aren’t wanted here. Why would you waste time and energy?

          • @captainbullfrog:disqus Indians are smart people. They dont give a shit about what others say about them. Americans might have a negative attitude towards them because they are highly insecured and feels threatened by Indians at work. Well, to put in easier terms, Americans are just jealous! Indians working in USA have an attitude towards americans, “you laugh at me, i laugh at your bank balance” LOL. Everybody knows close to half of Americans have more credit card debts than savings. Instead of wasting your time energy and money here, go work on improving your skills. Probably that’s the only way to preserve your job, u never know if a smart Indian comes and replaces you tomorrow. LOL

        • Mumbai Job Robber

          so funny, do you really honestly believe that the Indians that come to America to rob jobs have integrity and honest CV’s as you call them? Give me – and the rest of us – a break moderchod. Don’t you get it: we don’t want you here, you’re not welcome. Stay in your own country where you belong, go home for the love of God. You’ve done nothing but wreck our economy and tech professions…please, just go home

          • @disqus_R3P2DP2u8k:disqus did my comment pissed you off? If yes, probably you are feeling threatened by an Indian at your job for sure. Well, Indians might be desperate to migrate to USA due to their bad economy, but foreign companies need them more than anything. I guess even they knw where the real talent is. Dont talk nonsense about honesty and integrity. We all know how much honest lazy bum americans are. Any workforce needs hardworking people who can get their job done easily, and not like stupid americans who have fancy elaborated resumes and experience but when it comes to showing off their talent, they prove themselves to be dumb and clueless. Your own people have wrecked the economy. Imagine IT companies hiring BCOM graduates as employees. You guys should be thankful, u atleast have jobs rather than abusing others!!!

        • Good one nim mann!!!!

        • I posted the same response to another poster and is apt for you too.

          Did you forget to read and comprehend all of a sudden? Read my comment again and understand it first before commenting. Or the problem might be that you can not differentiate between the original poster and my response. In that case, pay more attention.
          And FYI, you do not need to live in the US to know about the “inalienable freedom of speech in United States” as you put it or the first amendment of the US constitution for the well informed. The irony is that the same amendment gives me the right to comment on his views.
          And would say the same thing as I said to the original poster -RKSharma2012, do not generalize. Just because he knows some indians from some states indulge in shady practices does not mean that everyone is in the same boat. And similarly, just because 5 americans that you have direct contact with are not good employees does not mean that all americans are that way. Use your “superior” intellect to have a broader outlook. The US did not become the favored destination for a lot pf people including you because of Indians. So learn to respect the hand that feeds you now, unlike the way you rewarded your homeland for taking care of you until you decided to jump ship.

          • Stop being a whiner. Yes, its ironical that even when you live in US, you dont really understand the meaning of Freedom of Speech. You dont have to abuse people to prove your point.

            I very well know who’s feeding whom. We come to US as students, get our master’s degree, pay thousands of $ as fees, pay thousands of $ postage and administration fees for H1, pay sky high taxes for H1, wait for 10 years for our GC, while so called land of opportunity- America is making millions of dollars from us. So, in return if they provide us jobs with so so wages, its a symbiotic relationship. We both need each other to survive. There is little to zero ambition, creativity or optimism on the opportunities that are available. If a 40 something, almost 50, guy with a mere high school education can make something out of US economy then almost anyone can. You dont have to have a talent for it.

            Stop crying and go out there and provide something that others want or need. You are not a victim. This is the same, the exact same, kind of mindset that Americans have and you all use it at every given opportunity to proclaim your “victim hood”. Is that what America has become, huge swathes of victims looking for someone to protect them from the competition coming from the rest of the world? I surely hope not. China and India are charging like bulls and you lazy americans are the overweight matador with a red cape in one hand and a beer in the other!!!!!

          • Do you even fully read and comprehend a comment before running your mouth and in this case your fingers? Seems like you have a bad case of runs, quick find a good desi doctor.

          • Arch, right now at this moment, i think u need a psychiatrist bettter than anything else..please take ur medications regularly..and stop torchering people by copy pasting your meaningless comments!!!!

          • Looks like you need a lesson in comprehension more than I need a psychiatrist. Also add a dictionary to that list.

          • I agree with u Arch.I think Nim Mann is a comedienne..she’s talkin’ shit just for the lulz..bwahaha! 3:)

          • funny thing is that it looks like anyone (even people with not big background in it like ms in pharma.) can learn the work in few months and do the project. why are they paid so high and why not just train them instead of wasting time doing ms at all…

          • Learn to read and comprehend before replying. The original poster (RKSharma2012) was implying that Indians have fake resumes and degrees, not me. I was condemning his generalizations and you come along telling me about free speech, and essentially supporting my arguement while criticizing my comment. So my suggestion for you is to read the name of the person commenting before replying back and on top check which comment you want to reply to, the original or the response.

        • I did not the question the hiring process in the US. I said if RKShrama2012 had any questions, he should direct them to the USCIS instead of posting here. From your comments and level of intellect you are the one who seems to be not capable of acquiring higher levels of education in the US. FYI there are no more higher levels of education to achieve for me, so there you go, if you can even wrap your head around that comment.

      • Dear Arch, Are you questioning the hiring process in the US? If Indians with fake resumes can perform equivalent or even better than Americans, who do not fake their resumes and elaborate evvvvvery small detail in a fancy way, then I would say Indians are extremely smart people!! Does the workforce need people who are smart, who can work 10-12hrs/day straight and get the job done easily or people who have degrees on their resume, lots of work experience but are lazy and unable to perform their job duties and still expect incentives!!! You gotta be kidding me…

        Please stoke your bloated ego and dream abt a world, where u r superior and Indians(and others) r ripping you off.. Just because your ancestors came to US decades before and got their GC’s easily, doesnt qualify u as skilled. Live and let live. Let others get the opportunity which u (merely) luckily inherited.

        I doubt if you really live in US and have ever attended a school (ever?), then you might know about inalienable freedom of speech in United States. If this guy wants to give his opinions, let him do that. Y do u hv a problem? Do u feel threatened and doubt ur credentials n dont have faith in ur calibre??

        And for goodness sake, stop considering yourself better than whole population or your Indian boss will kick your rear end.

        May God give you some peace (piece) of mind!!!

      • disqus_P8XEADjHO5

        After reading your comment one thing is clear…You got Green Card recently and don’t want competition is job market

        • Did everyone forget to read and comprehend all of a sudden? Read my comment again and understand it first before commenting. Or the problem might be that you can not differentiate between the original poster and my response. In that case, pay more attention.

          • I red ur complete comments and somewhat agree to it. The way all Indians are not same also the same way all Americans are not same
            We all come across different people be it Indian or be it american. American might be threatened by job in security and Indian might be due to minority. I am of Indian origin but I kw lot of good Americans. But I would like to say one thing here….America is no body’s county. ..all are migrator here….few early and some little late…it’s land of opportunities due to lot of various reasons like economy, system of country, natural resources, population as compare to land available etc….so we should respect all legal residents of USA….who follows laws and regulation of US Govt… come if American criminal is better than law abide person of Indian origin? Pls live and let everyone live….with love and respect for each other irrespective to their race and color.

    • publicelement

      Definitely, you are one of them who finally got green card after a long long wait.. and you are jealous of this new rule.
      People like you will never change man. A dog remains a dog even if it was decorated with a crown.

      • RKsharma2012

        Please read my paper man instead of scolding me, support me in my research and awareness and some who is bringing facts to limelight in-spite of facing threats and bullying by whole Indian or South Indian community

        • @RK sharma
          its clearly understandable that u have received your green card
          finally, but why u r so jealous about other Indians?
          U are the one who came in a same way on H1B and turned to green card.
          it is clearly understandable that you are badly fucked by south Indians in the work place where u might worked in this great America!!
          -first you learn something good technically and improve
          your IT skills, and make yourself a good competitive with others
          That way no will fucked you or discriminate you at your workplace.

          And for your kind information
          Indians are extremely tough talents both technically and functionally.
          we all are so much thankfull to great America and their loyalty in giving importance
          to indians in IT industry,
          Ufcourse immigration has became tougher path to indians
          I do not know the reason for this, but I really hate the immigration rules
          the way it works for Indians, this has to be changed.
          finally@rk sharma
          stop degrading indians talent, if possible try do learn how to do politics or learn

          some subject.before other talented Indian take ur opportunity. And stop posting
          your prayers which discussing.

          • RK sharma is jealous because he is a punjabi, not indian(that is what these people claim).
            these guys exploits situations to gain immediate advantage rather than being guided by any principles.

            Please do not bother to reply to sicks.

            Nibbana is the highest bliss.

          • JBuddha da Jeeja

            JBuddha.. I agreed.
            JBuddha.. teri Bhan Da Fudda

    • ollieallears

      You make some good points.
      But as already stated elsewhere, the fact that the foreign temporary worker system is abused/misused and needs an overhaul is NOT remedied by punishing a group of women.
      Also not H-1B’s and H-4’s are from India.

    • this is sardar’s (sharma’s) joke 2014

  15. “If all goes according to proposed plans” is a big question

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