Indian Embassy award visa service contract to Cox & Kings Global Services; BLS International out

With effect from May 21.

By The American Bazaar Staff

WASHINGTON, DC: The Embassy of India here announced on Wednesday that they have chosen Cox & Kings Global Services Pvt. Ltd. with their new contract for all Visa/OCI/PIO/Renunciation of Indian Citizenship Certification application support services, thus ending the Embassy and all the Indian Consulates in the US’s relationship with BLS International Ltd.

In a press release, the Embassy announced that BLS would still be in service until May 16th. From that afternoon until the afternoon of May 20, BLS will only accept Emergency Visa applications. From May 21 onward, all applications will go through Cox & Kings.

Applications that have already been submitted via BLS, and are currently pending, can be checked on the BLS site until May 20. After the following day, all of those pending applications will be transferred to the Cox & Kings database, and can be checked on their website.

For applications sent through the mail, if they are sent on or before May 13 and reach BLS offices on or before May 15, they will be accepted. Otherwise they will have to be re-filed with Cox & Kings. Walk-in applications will BLS will only be permitted until the afternoon of May 16.

BLS has been reeling from the bad publicity it received following an incident in later November last year, in which some 70 passports were stolen from their office in San Francisco (initial reports had the number as low as eight, but it ballooned shortly thereafter).

The robbery prompted the city’s Indian mission to cancel all the missing documentation and coordinate a massive recovery operation and investigation with local law enforcement. It also proved to be a long-term embarrassment for BLS, from which the company evidently has not fully recovered.

There have been numerous complaints of negligence and shoddy work too against BLS International across the country, with community groups sending petitions to the Embassy and the Consulates.

Website details and office locations for Cox & Kings have not yet been announced, but the Embassy of India says that such an announcement will come shortly.

[This story was updated on 5/22/14 to reflect that Indian passport services are still being carried out by BLS International.]


  1. Yes the service provider has changed but the situation is the same. I went to re submit my visa application at the Cox & Kings office and they didn’t entertained me, I was threatened by two policemen that I need to go back and when I opposed I was treated in such a bad manner that I never imagined. We live in a free country and accepting the application is their duty. Bls don’t accept applications now they say that they have transferred the data to CKGS and the same is confirmed by the Consulate General so where am I supposed to go.

    Why these people can’t accept my applications. I have traveled about 550 mile to submit the application but even after waiting 4.5 hours there was no clue of what needs to be done

    There were more than 200 people waiting like me and there was no arrangement, even the waiting room I guess on third floor was full to its capacity. It’s a request to everyone that please help me in this situation what I should do in this situation. I need to travel to India and this delay is making me worry.

    • siddharth taneja

      CKGS seems to have hired Agents to clean their mess.
      These agents are standing outside the CKGS office “SELLING”
      VISAs at a premium price and getting Visas for travel directly through the consulate.
      It is so evident that there is a HUGE commission which CKGS
      employees and the VISA agents are sharing and could be possible, the Hi-COM is
      also getting their share as it is a very common saying in India “Bribe works wonders.”
      Its a Disgrace to have CKGS in US….

    • jdahfkjhkjfsdhkfds

    • jdahfkjhkjfsdhkfds

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