Racist comments on the social media should be made federal, state violations

It’s time to nip in the bud racist rants at the Indian community.

By Sujeet Rajan

Sujeet-sidebar 150x150NEW YORK: Racism in America is like a soda bottle. If not opened carefully – as in not being discreet when you talk, write, or gesticulate – the placid looking liquid fizzes uncontrollably, creates a mess. Of course, there are elements in society who do more damage. The racists who assault, murder innocent people, spill blood.

An outpouring of racist tweets against the Indian American students who swept the Scripps National Spelling Bee championship last night is not completely unexpected. Similar hate spewed when Nina Davuluri became Miss America, last year.

To be outraged, rile at non-white, non-Caucasian winning, dominating in America, has become common, even as diversity increases. In Davuluri’s case, the hate shimmered across continents, with plenty of racists in India commenting on her dark complexion as well, wondering how the heck did she win the contest in the land of the white complexioned blondes with the blue eyes.

Racism is disgusting and disturbing. A single incident can scar communities for decades. But nowadays, it’s happening far too often, with impunity on the social media. Rants on twitter and Facebook is the digital version of the veiled, or the unveiled form of Ku Klux Klan attack on minorities.

Here’s a sample on twitter on rants against the Indian American kids at the Spelling Bee:

Heather Salovin: Heather Salovin@heasal87: Why are there no American kids left in the spelling bee? I’m ashamed of our kind. Parents – step it up.

Matt Marzullo@Matt_Marzullo: We need an american to win this spelling bee #tiredofindians

Mr. Underwood@yaboyzac_uoeno: The kids in the spelling bee should only be AMERICAN.

Lino Morales@lino_and_louie: No American sounding names who won the spelling B. #sad#fail

For those who want to read more of the repulsive vomit, go to vox.com, where there is a compilation:


Ansun Sujoe (left) and Sriram Hathwar shake hands after winning the 2014 Scripps National Spelling Bee (courtesy of ESPN)
Ansun Sujoe (left) and Sriram Hathwar (courtesy of ESPN)

Attorney General Eric Holder, speaking earlier this month at the commencement speech at Morgan State University, in Baltimore, Maryland, made a reference to the raging debate on race set off by Donald Sterling, and the swift condemnation by the country, but had this to say aptly about the subtle ways racists are sprouting their heads everywhere:

“These outbursts of bigotry, while deplorable, are not the true markers of the struggle that still must be waged, or the work that still needs to be done — because the greatest threats do not announce themselves in screaming headlines. They are more subtle. They cut deeper. And their terrible impact endures long after the headlines have faded and obvious, ignorant expressions of hatred have been marginalized,” said Holder.

While it’s one thing for Holder to point out the disruptive ways racism works to shred the fabric of an all-encompassing, liberal society, makes it less tolerant, it’s time racist comments made through twitter and Facebook are treated as state and federal violations, taken cognizance of by law enforcement and by public advocates of anti-discrimination movements, legal cases filed by community members.

These derogatory comments through the social media should be logged in a racist registry online (like vox.com has done), identifying the culprits. A kind of National Sex Offender Registry should be created, where people can find out if predators are living in their neighborhood; people who should be kept under the purview of the law enforcement. It should become the online version of public flogging; a blemish which will stick for a lifetime. It might go a long way in nipping present and future racists in the bud.

But even as the country tries to either continually avoid talking of race, ignore it, or talk about it avidly when a George Zimmerman, Clive Bundy or Donald Sterling comes on the scene, it’s expressed more brazenly on the social media than ever before.

The psychologically damaged young man Elliot Rodger, who went on a killing rampage in Santa Barbara, California, recently, before he allegedly killed himself, had this to say about his lack of having a girl-friend: ‘How could an inferior, ugly Black boy be able to get a White girl and not me? I am beautiful, and I am half White myself. I am descended from British aristocracy. He is descended from slaves. I deserve it more.’

In America the beautiful, racism snakes its head up at different levels. When Sterling says ‘Don’t bring black people (to my games)” he is ranting against blacks, not at all colored people. Not at Indians. But if a black kid had won the Bee, would the same outpouring of hate come in? Not likely.

Nina Davuluri (courtesy of Wikipedia)
Nina Davuluri (courtesy of Wikipedia)

Racism exists on different levels: at the lower strata of society, the African Americans are poked at by the Caucasians – as being good for nothing except for being hip hop, rap and crime wannabes, with sports thrown in as salvation, and at the top strata, at the level where education is the key, the Indian Americans are the ones who are pummeled. Perhaps, the racist comments that flow on the web comprise the opinion of a big chunk of America: the racist whites who are middle class or lower middle class, just above the impoverished Blacks economically, and far below the successful, wealthy Brown-skinned Indian community.

But it’s hard to classify racism as easily as that, though. Successful Black people too are not spared, not even President Barack Obama. Recently, Senator Jay Rockefeller of West Virginia implied that the Affordable Care Act is getting a hard time in GOP ranks because some Republicans don’t like Obama’s race, meaning his color.

The Washington Post did a story today which had journalist Jeff Chu compiling racist tweets against the desi Bee spellers. He tweeted on this too: “Why did the tweets hit me hard? I was a bee kid—’91, lost on “rimur.” And I want those kids never to be asked, “Where are you really from?”

The comments by readers to the story were fascinating. Here are some of them, which show a lot of America does not tolerate the nonsense and want to put a stop to it:

Feelanau: The “Sports Junkies” on 106.7 this morning were lamenting that it has been seven years since “an American” won the spelling bee and that Indians and Pakistanis are “assassins” when it comes to the bee. I assumed, and this article confirms, that these children ARE Americans. Are only white competitors “Americans”? Or does that definition extend to black contestants? Latino? Chinese? Korean? Persian? I was horrified that those idiots kept referring to these kids as not American.

Rosaleee: That would make sense IF there were only a few of these comments spread out among others congratulating these American winners. Given that the comments are DOMINATED by these ignoramuses, it is safe to assume that they represent a large segment of our population. And no, ignoring ignorance is never a good idea.

Magwitch:  So SICK of people who look different being labeled as unamerican. Americans are from all over the globe, and there is nothing in the Constitution that says you have to have blond hair and blue eyes to be American.

And my personal favorite of all the readers’ comments:

Ari O: Funny, I was thinking the kids will be the heart surgeon, internal medicine physician, or geriatrician who will be taking care of these bigots. 

(Sujeet Rajan is the Editor-in-Chief of The American Bazaar.)


  1. Raneir Fohnob

    what is ‘American’? If one is born in America and has American passport, then one is American

  2. Mumbai Job Robber

    that’s funny, India is the most racist country on Earth, don’t you still have a caste system Raja ? You’re calling America racist, what a d*mbsh!t

  3. The Unholy Cow

    We should be thanking these racists instead of putting them in jail. Here’s a start, wp.me/p4c12z-fj, “A Letter of Thanks”

  4. DennisDale

    Somebody please tell me this is a joke. Right? I’m hoping. The guy can’t even write, and it’s about Indian dominance of the nat’l spelling bee. Surely that’s a clue? I mean “subtle ways racists are spouting their heads everywhere”? Come on!

  5. NoPasaran

    Oh look! Some stranger on twitter said something that offends me!
    Send out the jack booted thugs!

  6. NoPasaran

    “Logging racists”?
    Bad as bigotry is, the idea that this should justify making people’s idle words and occasional thoughts a crime isn’t just chilling, it reveals that anyone who even entertains it to be prone to authoritarianism.

    Forget it. If I hear a racist phrase from time to time, that would be a small price to pay to maintain the right to engage in free discourse, distasteful or not.

    Someone’s hurt feelings are no basis for laws imposed on all of us.

  7. Mr. Rajan, judging by your poor English and ignorance of our political concepts (freedom of speech), I would guess that you are not an American, and request that you keep your nose out of our business.

  8. Nat Turner

    Just logging racists is not going to do,
    it’s not only an American problem,
    there needs to be some high profile arrests of quite a few prolific racists,
    then the networks, be it Facebook, Twitter or whatever, face varying terms
    of suspension, with the threat of closure, until the offenders get the message,
    this will cause a groundswell of anger from the decent users whose pleasure is being affected by the bigots.
    A register will do nothing they’ll just change the ID’s,
    treat it like any other crime where home visits are made, by the law,
    are not pedophile and terrorists sites dealt with harshly ?
    it’s time to let the racists know they are going to spoil every bodies fun,
    that way alone we will get some results.

    • NoPasaran

      High profile arrests for WHAT, exactly? Saying something boorish? Thinking something boorish? While we’re at it, can we round up anyone who’s ever used the words “bitch” or “ho” and pack them away in a detention camp to salve someone’s hurt feelings?

      Are you that uninformed that you don’t realize that there’s no actual “crime” in being an oaf that harbors bigoted thoughts or words? Would you rather a dictatorship?

      I’ve lived in a dictatorship, so, no thanks. You can keep it.

      • Nat Turner

        500 years of state and lumpen dictatorship on the Black world at the hands of Europeans is what we’re under,
        if you have any knowledge then I don’t need to outline what that has been,
        suffice to say that any method that will raise them off us is welcome,
        racism is not just words, it comes with a lot if negative actions, and blights our lives
        why should the foot soldiers of the illuminati be free to constantly vent on us

        • aberdeenvet

          If members of the Black and other races feel put upon and disrespected by White Americans or any other Americans, then why do they not return to their places of origin and turn their own “homelands” into the utopias they desire? Why do the freest people in the world flock to our shores? Using social media to judge the bulk of humanity is the most foolish of all endeavors. Social media is the most unsocial of all methods of communication in the world, for it is inhabited in great part by ignorant, illiterate, uneducated miscreants.

          • Black people are owed by those who enslaved and robbed us, the “West” has become attractive by the gleam of stolen wealth.
            If I were you I’d read your last line again, it’s quite telling.

        • Phil T Tipp

          Unadulterated tripe. Blacks sold and traded blacks to supply the slave trade in the dark continent 300 years ago. Black overseers worked on the plantations in the US and Caribbean. This is real. It happened. The Illuminati exist in your fevered imagination only.

          • You probably can’t understand this either, but
            just as Boko Haram in Nigeria owe allegiance only to Islam and not Black Africa,
            so it was before and during the great kidnap,
            Islamised Africans owing allegiance to Islam helped their co religions Islam & Christianity to enslave non Mulsim Africans..
            The ignorant who have “studied” history are unable to grasp this salient point,

  9. good stuff

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