Indian American boy graduates from college at the age of 10

Tanishq Abraham also is the youngest medical TV correspondent.

By Deepak Chitnis

WASHINGTON, DC: An Indian American boy from California has graduated from college… at the age of 10.

Tanishq (left) and Tiara Abraham (courtesy of Bijou and Taji Abraham, and Yahoo! Shine)
Tanishq (left) and Tiara Abraham (courtesy of Bijou and Taji Abraham, and Yahoo! Shine)

That’s right – Sacramento boy Tanishq Abraham has just graduated from high school at the wee age of 10. Not only that, Abraham graduated with a 4.0 Grade Point Average, and is already a member of Mensa, the world’s largest and oldest society of high-IQ individuals, which he joined when he was just four years old.

Abraham was born in Sacramento on June 18, 2003, to veterinary Dr. Taji Abraham and software engineer Bijou Abraham. It was evident from a very young age that the Abrahams had a very special child on their hands; by two years of age, Tanishq could do basic math. Just two years later, he took the Mensa exam, which requires a 98 percentile score to become a member – Abraham scored 99.9.

His parents eschewed traditional schooling in favor of home-schooling. Starting from the age of six, Abraham was taking classes at local community colleges while studying his school subjects at home. He studied vigorously for his high school degree, which he has now earned just days before his 11th birthday.

Abraham has been featured on numerous talk shows in recent weeks, including CBS’ “The Doctors.” His appearance on that show made him the youngest medical TV correspondent for a nationally syndicated show in the history of television in the US.

Abraham’s younger sister is no slouch, either. Born in 2005, Tiara Abraham also joined Mensa when she was four years old, and has voiced an interest in following her mother’s footsteps towards becoming a veterinarian. She is also home-schooled, and at the rate she and her brother are going, will likely also graduate from high school within the next year or two.

So what’s next for Abraham? He is currently set to begin classes at American River College, a community college in Sacramento, and plans to have earned his Associate’s Degree by the end of the fall semester, according to Yahoo! Shine. For the record, that means he’ll have completed a two-year degree in just one semester.

After that, Abraham says he will apply to the Ivy League Schools, and hopes to finish up his undergraduate degree at Harvard, Cornell, or MIT. His ultimate goal is to attend medical school and earn his M.D. degree, at which point he will go into research and find a cure for cancer.

There’s no timeframe on when all of that will happen, but given how much Abraham has already accomplished in life, he may very well end up finding a cure for cancer before he’s even allowed to smoke.

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