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Taj Mahal, dabbawallas of Mumbai are part of itinerary for the world’s most expensive vacation

Pay six figures for an incredible experience.

By The American Bazaar Staff

NEW DELHI: India will become a destination on the world’s most expensive, luxurious, and exclusive world tour starting next year, as the Four Seasons has announced that the country is a destination on its highly coveted World Tour vacation package.

The luxury vacation company announced its private jet tour for next year, which will be a 24-day affair that takes 52 passengers to eight different countries. The tour will start in Los Angeles and fly towards Asia, hitting incredible destinations like: Kona, Hawaii; Bora Bora, French Polynesia; Sydney, Australia; Bali, Indonesia; northern Thailand; Agra and Mumbai, India; Istanbul, Turkey; and will finally end in London.

“Four Seasons is your ticket to the world’s most fascinating destinations. Travel the globe aboard the custom-designed Four Seasons Jet, enjoying personalized itineraries and exceptional service at every point of the journey,” the company says, on its website.

The tour chose Agra for an obvious reason: the Taj Mahal, which is India’s most famous landmark. The tour will also visit Mumbai, India’s bustling economic and entertainment capital, and a city that gained international fame after it was depicted heavily in the 2008 Academy Award-winning film Slumdog Millionaire.

“Hop off the jet in Agra and experience one of the world’s greatest architectural wonders, the Taj Mahal, before continuing on to Mumbai. Tour Gandhi’s former residence and watch as thousands of dabbawallas execute the city’s traditional lunch delivery system,” the Four Seasons website says.

In all these destinations, guests will be staying at Four Seasons hotels, and will have access to all kinds of amenities and privileges to ensure that they have the most lavish and incredible time ever. Such treatment, however, doesn’t come cheap, as the lucky few who can not only afford, but actually get in, to the very limited tour group will have to pay a hefty sum.

For a twin-occupancy option, in which a person would be sharing a room at each of the stops with another individual, the cost is an astronomical $119,000, or roughly Rs. 71.5 lakh. For those looking for a more private engagement, the single-occupancy option will set you back $130,000,or Rs. 78 lakh.

For those of you whose interest has been piqued, you’d better go to the Four Seasons website as soon as you can; despite the prices, these seats are likely to fly faster than the private jet itself.

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