‘Allah is evil’: spate of anti-Muslim graffiti in New York

CAIR-NY calls for investigation.

By The American Bazaar Staff

NEW YORK: A recent rash of anti-Muslim graffiti in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Kensington has prompted the Council on American-Islamic Relations’ New York chapter (CAIR-NY) to call on local law enforcement officials to investigate these apparent hate crimes.

“No community should be subjected to this type of anonymous hate campaign,” said CAIR-NY Director of Operations Sadyia Khalique, in a statement. “We urge local law enforcement authorities and public officials to investigate this ongoing hate vandalism and to bring the perpetrators to justice.”

Graffiti has been discovered all over the neighborhood, saying such heinous things as “Islam is evil,” “Allah is evil,” and “Islam is barbaric.” These phrases have been sprayed onto everything from ticket machines to mailboxes, and have the local Muslim population both incensed and worried.

Making the racism more alarming is that Kensington is generally known for being one of the more diverse neighborhoods in all of New York City, let alone Brooklyn itself. Local news source KensingtonBK.com said that the graffiti has been seen as far back as Halloween of last year, and now CAIR-NY has joined the call to bring these perpetrators to justice.

CAIR-NY has a strong record of making progress when it comes to criminal investigations against Muslims. Recently, the organization called for an investigation into another hate crime, in which a Muslim street cart vendor was violently stabbed by a man who shouted “Go back to your [expletive] country!”

The following video, showing examples of the anti-Muslim graffiti, was provided courtesy of CAIR-NY:


  1. Thomas Brown

    It’s not a “race”, and the race card doesn’t work anymore, anyways.

  2. Dave Cockayne

    Criticising a religion is not racism, it’s called the enlightenment. Are you going to run articles crying racism every time a Christian takes flak for their religion in America? If not then why the double standards? Why protect the most violent and abhorent religion on the planet?

    Try doing a google video search for ‘ISIS execution’ how many videos of unarmed, tied up prisoners being shot in the head, crucified, or beheaded while the followers of the religion scream Allahu Akbar and parade through the streets with heads on poles can you stomach before you decide critics of Islam have a point?

  3. The Muslim allah is evil.

  4. Yellowman King

    Muslims do stuff like this because they want you morons to create laws to make them special. Muslims think we are all stupid or else we would be Muslims just like them, but until then your a moron to be used and lied too.

  5. KingHasNoClothes

    CAIR is a Muslim Brotherhood front group. The aim of the Muslim Brotherhood is the destruction and annihilation of Western civilization, freedom and democracy and the enslavement of the whole world under Sharia law. CAIR has responsibility for pushing this agenda in US.

  6. Hate crime? No, just vandalism. Spray painting “allah is evil” and “islam is barbaric” isn’t an attack on any individual, and should be considered First Amendment protected free speech.

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  8. Allah is evil in Brooklyn, but in Malaysia Christians are being denied the use of the word in their religious services and books.

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