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Indian American new age guru Deepak Chopra to attempt a Guinness Record

Plans world’s largest meditation gathering on August 8th.

By The American Bazaar Staff

WASHINGTON, DC: Celebrity alternative medicine specialist and new age guru Deepak Chopra seems to have an endless craving to be in the news: he has now taken upon a challenge and thrown a challenge – to break the Guinness Record for the world’s largest meditation gathering and an offer of one million dollars to atheists who can define how human beings form ideas.

Chopra, whose new book ‘The Future of God’ releases this Fall, with a television series titled the same to be broadcast around the same time, will attempt to break the record next month, on August 8, on the final day of his annual meditation event called the Seduction of Spirit, to be held in Toronto, reported Forbes. He hopes to have two million people from around the world joining in for the session via live stream, with only around 300 people attending in person.

Chopra will lead the meditation with motivational speaker Gabrielle Bernstein, and the focus will be world peace, he told Forbes.

“If we focus our intention on peace in large groups like this, we can reach a critical mass and make peace sustainable,” he says. He hopes to get 100 million people praying together, in the future.

Chopra will also soon launch along with Oprah Winfrey their latest, all-new, free, 21-day meditation experience “Expanding Your Happiness,” the registration for which begins next month, reported Elevated Existence.

“Expanding Your Happiness,” voiced by Oprah and Chopra, offers an audio meditation each day and a series of thought-provoking reflection questions designed to anchor the teachings, which are easily accessible from a mobile phone, tablet or computer, said the report

Chopra has also got into the news for throwing the gauntlet once again at atheists.

Christian Today reported that Chopra is offering $1 million to atheists who can define how human beings form ideas, seeking a scientific explanation of how an independent thought is formed.

“I’m revisiting my million dollar challenge to the ‘Non-Amazing Randi’ and his tribe of militant, new atheists,” Chopra said in a YouTube video posted on Monday. Atheist and scientific skeptic James Randi is also known as “The Amazing Randi.”

“Apparently my last offer – my last million dollar challenge – was a little intellectually challenging to the Non-Amazing Randi, and also to [famed evolutionary biologist and atheist] Richard Dawkins, and many others,” Chopra continued. “So I’m revisiting it, and making it simpler.”

That offer to Randi was made last month, and was in response to the James Randi Educational Foundation’s “One Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge” to anyone who can demonstrate a paranormal ability, such as being psychic. Over 1,000 people have accepted the challenge since it was first issued in 1964, but none have succeeded.

14 thoughts on “Indian American new age guru Deepak Chopra to attempt a Guinness Record”

  1. Sorry, but what the heck does “world peace” have to do with: “atheists who can define how human beings form ideas, seeking a scientific explanation of how an independent thought is formed.”. Something is really weird about this whole thing.

  2. It says something that Randi hasn’t changed his challenge in 50 years but Chopra’s changing his in a month.

    I do hope the challenges are live and recorded, so that he has to actually pay a million dollars to charity, which is where I’d put his filthy money.

  3. chopra should offer a million dollars to any librarian who can demonstrate that any of his books has any value whatsoever…. now THAT would be an ‘amazing’ feat.

  4. Timeless you appears to be a breach of ethics seeing that Chopra is still a registered medical professional. He should be pulled before a senate committee as well.

  5. Chopra is great at putting together pedantic nonsensical speech. His challenge to atheists is not achievable – his goalposts would constantly move, and his criteria are never clear (if you want clear guidelines, see Randi’s). Actually, we’re most of the way there to understanding consciousness – and if Chopra actually understood any of what he talks about, he’d know that. Try to take any statement he makes and actually derive some understanding of what he said. It’s mostly nonsense.

  6. When a friend first told me about Timeless You, Deepaks new product, I was hesitant. I didn’t think I’d have the time for it. After a few exercises, however, I was hooked.
    I’ve been doing a little bit here, a little bit there – just whenever I can – and I’m noticing a huge difference in my health and overall happiness.

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