With trailer going viral, Finding Fanny will hit theaters 2 weeks early, on August 25th

A stellar cast, ravishing looking Deepika creates buzz.

By Akanksha Warrier

MUMBAI: The makers of ‘Finding Fanny’ starring Deepika Padukone have decided to premiere it on August 25, much before the earlier slotted date in September, following positive feedback to its trailer.

Finding Fanny (Courtesy of Facebook)
Finding Fanny (Courtesy of Facebook)

The film revolves around five oddballs on a quest to find Stephanie Fernandes aka-Fanny.  In the process, they discover a strange sense of solace and love among each other, and end up seeing a point to their previously pointless lives.

This is the first film where viewers get to see the much awaited pairing between Deepika Padukone  and Arjun Kapoor. Also part of the main cast are stellar actors Naseeruddin Shah, Dimple Kapadia and Pankaj Kapoor.

In the movie’s trailer, Deepika is seen in a beautiful-never seen before avatar. In her introductory scene, Deepika Padukone says, “The first time I was kissed was on my wedding day — 15 minutes before my husband choked and died. I’m a virgin.”

Dimple is charming as the old lady who can “protect herself” and is capable of finding love, (or so it seems) in Pankaj Kapoor. And ‘protect’ herself she does! In perhaps the most comical part of the trailer, Dimple is shown hiding her slit skirt at the back with her hand fan as Pankaj Kapoor ogles at her. Arjun Kapoor is Dimple Kapadia’s son who is shown hilariously frustrated with the antics of his bizarre mother.

The decision to premiere the film so soon has been influenced by the positive reactions garnered by the trailer. What makes it so special is the quirky absurdist humor and its outlandish characters who are endearing in the way they demand a mix of pity and adoration from the audience. Together they ensure many many comical moments to come. The trailer is certainly impressionable and brings a smile to each who watches it.

“Premiering a film two weeks before its release has never been done and we are willing to stick our necks out with a unique product like ‘Finding Fanny’. We want opinion makers and regular movie-goers to watch the film and share their views. Sure, it could spawn a variety of opinions and this is a healthy sign. As long as this strategy generates an actively interested forum for the film, it works for us,” producer Dinesh Vijan said in a statement here.

Finding Fanny is directed by Homi Adajania of Cocktail and Being Cyrus fame.

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