Akshay Kumar shows his generous side: charity for stray dogs

Tamannah Bhatia too joins in for worthy cause.

By Jasmine Raskoti

NEW DELHI: Most actors do charity in kind or cash. But action hero Akshay Kumar has found another way of doing it, which can be ideally emulated by many others in the industry, and avoid wastage of money on costumes too.

Akshay Kumar (courtesy of Twitter)
Akshay Kumar (courtesy of Twitter)

Akshay and Tamannah Bhatia have offered their clothes from the movie ‘Entertainment’ to Youth Organization in Defense of Animals (YODA), as charity.

The organization works for the welfare of street animals.

“You see so many stray dogs everywhere and this organisation is for them, where they (the dogs) will be taken care of. People even throw out dogs after keeping them as pets for some time. YODA is a place where they will be given shelter,” Akshay Kumar said at a charity event.

Tamannah liked the idea a lot and has decided to donate her clothes from her future films.

“People always ask me what happens to the clothes you wear in a film. Nobody knows what happens with them. But I feel like YODA is a great initiative and the money collected can be spent on animals who really need that money and care. So I am going to do this in every film of mine, even my southern films,” Tamannah said.

Akshay has bonded with his co-star ‘Entertainment’ in the film. Entertainment is the name of a dog in the movie.

Akshay’s favorite co-star Katrina Kaif used to say that Akshay and Katrina were friendly only on the sets; the moment they packed up, they would head straight to home. But it seems Akshay has found someone else to share time with.

Entertainment is directed by debutant duo Sajid-Farhad and produced by Rajiv S Turani of Tips Industries Ltd. It is slated to release in theaters on August 8.

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