Can Barack Obama solve the problems of the people of this village in Tamil Nadu?

Watch ‘Om Obama’.

By The American Bazaar Staff

NEW YORK: The film ‘Om Obama’ will be screened at Doc Films at University of Chicago on October 25, and will feature a talk and Q&A session with the director of the film, Janaki Vishwanathan.

Barack ObamaThe film, distributed by Mango Networx, is based in a village in Tamil Nadu. It’s about belief in what President Barack Obama can do for the people of the village, or can he?

Obama can do anything, or so the people of this village in Tamil Nadu, believe. The comedic film has various sub-plots including romance, grassroots politics, panchayat elections and others, according to a press release.

In Om Obama, the ‘news’ about Obama’s arrival spreads like fire and the entire village awaits his arrival. Hearing this, an American journalist and her crew are pole axed by the ‘breaking news.’ The villagers hold high hopes that Obama would help in the economic transformation of the village. Every sub-plot in the film has an issue, and the only solution to every issue is Obama’s arrival.

Regardless of political stance, this film is entertaining, thought provoking and definitely would spark dialogue and demonstrate in a fun way the interrelatedness of the world, says the release.

Mango Networx ( is a film distribution and production company led by Nitha Fiona Nagubadi, PsyD.  Its mission is to deliver global films to a mainstream audience in the US in order to provide engaging content to enhance creativity through raising cultural awareness and understanding through media, says the release.

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