Two gay Indian American men of Malayalee origin get married in California

In a traditional style wedding.

By Raif Karerat

Karthik and Sandeep; image via YouTube
Karthik and Sandeep; image via YouTube

WASHINGTON, DC: Acceptance of same-sex marriage may be a modern mode of thought, but Indian Americans Sandeep and Karthik decided they wanted to celebrate their union in the most traditional way they could think of — the quintessential big Indian wedding.

Asianet Television reported the two gay men, of Malayalee origin, were married earlier this year in California under the warm auspices of both of their families.

It was 2012 when Sandeep, who hails from Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala, met Karthik, an American-born Palakkad brahmin, on a dating website.

They reached out to their parents in 2013 and asked for their permission to wed, and in a move that reportedly shocked them both, it was granted by both families.

The lavish Hindu wedding, which has reportedly become the topic of much discussion throughout closed online gay groups in Kerala, took over a year to plan and was attended by relatives and friends from around the world. Video posted on YouTube reveals the night was an intricate, colorful, and lively affair.

Most of the couple’s extended family were ecstatic when they heard of the impending nuptials, but some were hesitant, according to the News Minute. However, it wasn’t long before everyone from both clans were at peace with the love shared between Sandeep and Karthik and an opulent wedding was put into the works.

The duo said they are thankful they are blessed with families who welcomed their love, and the two have lent a measure of cheer and optimism to the LGBTQ community in Kerala, according to U.K. Malayalee.

“Sandeep and Karthik wanted to be pioneers,” said a friend of the couple. “They wanted to break all barriers and start a trend which would help others.”


  1. Anand Iyengar

    hope the brahmin guy goes to hell. He is disobeying his religion. Horrible. Im disappointed in myself because I stumbled upon this horrendous article. Nasty Im disgusted.

  2. Glen Weldon

    Moron. You should be ashamed of yourself. These two individuals are in love and thus we’d each other. Indians in the US are top ranking in education and income. They don’t need to “fake” a relationship for green card purposes. You’re a sick homophobe.

  3. m.hemakumar


  4. Desis would take advantage of these Gay marriage rules to further their Green Card / Citizenship status…. sick guys….

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