With love, from Bobby to Nikki: Jindal’s gift to Haley — an ornament worth $20

SC governor also received inexpensive ornaments from Anita Perry, Martinez.


AB Wire

WASHINGTON, DC: Maybe Bobby Jindal is a real conservative when it comes to giving gifts.

An ornament that the nation’s first Indian American governor gifted to the second governor from the community last year was worth only $20, according to a disclosure report filed earlier this month by the South Carolina Republican.

However, when it comes to giving inexpensive gubernatorial gifts, Jindal doesn’t even take the cake.

An ornament given to Haley by New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez was worth just $10. Similarly, former Texas First Lady Anita Perry’s gift — also an ornament — was worth the same amount. The report doesn’t provide any details about the ornaments.

Incidentally, a paperweight Haley received was worth $40, the combined value of the three ornaments gifted by the governor’s fellow Republicans.

The gifts by Jindal, Martinez and Perry were among the hundreds of gifts Haley received last year, according to the two “Statement of Economic Interests” reports she filed with the South Carolina State Ethics Commission on March 30 and April 7.

According to the reports, Haley’s personal income last year was $106,078.

In all, the governor reported receiving gifts worth tens of thousands of dollars.

Haley also reported reimbursing tens of thousands of dollars for the various trips she took.

The most expensive gifts the governor received were Clemson football tickets. She received 10 tickets worth $28,940 from different individuals.

Interestingly, Haley, a Clemson graduate, received a sweatshirt from Old Ball Coach Steve Spurrier, who coaches Clemson’s bitter in-state rival University of South Carolina. That gift was worth $49.99.

Indian American entrepreneur Ken Bajaj gave Haley clothing worth $200, while his wife, Kavelle, gave a “Food Gift Box” reported to be worth $100.

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