Americans don’t favor Hillary Clinton, and Michelle Obama talks of running for President

A poll and a joke.

By Raif Karerat

"Hillary Clinton"
Hillary Clinton

WASHINGTON, DC: Americans seem to be wary of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s honesty, and even many Democrats are seemingly tepid about her presidential credentials, according to a new Associated Press-GFK poll.

While most agree Clinton is strong and decisive, only a minority think she is inspiring and likeable, reported the AP.

In the survey, 61 percent said “honest” describes her only slightly well or not at all. Nearly four in 10 Democrats, and more than six in 10 independents, agreed that “honest” was not the best word for her.

Clinton’s use of a private email account run from a private server kept at her New York home while serving as secretary of state has provided fuel for the notion that the former first lady has something to hide.

Clinton said last month that she used a personal account out of convenience, reported the AP. She deleted about 30,000 emails that she has described as personal in nature and has declined requests from congressional Republicans to turn over her server for an independent review.

The survey indicates many Americans aren’t buying Clinton’s explanation — a majority said they believe she used a private address to shield her emails from transparency laws.

Clinton’s overall ratings still remain the strongest in the nascent presidential field – 46 percent of Americans express a favorable view of Clinton, marginally more than the 41 percent who express a negative opinion. No Republican candidates in the poll had significantly greater positive than negative ratings.

However, despite Clinton’s dominance in the early primary field, the AP noted that the survey indicated some in her party would be open to a challenger.

President Barack Obama might not be a presidential candidate ever again, but while speaking to his wife on his show last night, David Letterman seemed to suggest maybe she should be vying for the Oval Office one day in the future.

“Do you ever glimpse down that far down the road,” he asked.

Michele Obama responded, “What, like when I’m going to be running for president or anything?”

“That’s something to consider,” Letterman stated, with a touch of emphasis.

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