Homme Mystere’s lingerie line for men ‘manssieres’ a success

Who’s up for lace-trimmed boxer briefs?

By Raif Karerat

WASHINGTON, DC: Thanks to Australian brand Homme Mystere, lingerie designed specifically for men is now available online and has attracted customers from across 30 different countries, including the United States, Russia, and Canada.

“Men’s lingerie sits in an undefined territory deemed ‘not exciting enough’ for adult stores and ‘too confronting’ for mainstream retail stores,” explains the HommeMystere website.

The retailer offers a wide variety of lace-trimmed boxer briefs, suspenders, bras — also known as “manssieres” — and more. All the lingerie pieces look like women’s undergarments but are specifically designed to fit a male body, reported The Independent.

Despite the perception that the designs cater primarily to the LGBT community, a survey carried out by the brand revealed that 90 percent of the customers sampled were in heterosexual relationships.

However, the retailer highlights they just want to provide the luxury option for men, regardless if they’re “gay, straight, vegetarian, Republican, Anglican, Martian or any other persuasion”.

“Our goal has always been to offer an alternative style of underwear for men, based on their physique rather than their sexuality,” the company says on its website.

According to The Independent, HommeMystere describes its customer as “male, married and older than 40  … He has discerning taste … and wants luxury garments, but does not need to show it off to others. He wants something new and exciting to buy.”

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