Donald Trump becomes the most hated man in Mexico

Rush for Piñatas made in the likeness of Trump.


By Raif Karerat

WASHINGTON, DC: After the constant stream of derogatory comments Donald Trump has spouted about Hispanic Americans and Mexicans, few could place any blame with somebody wanting to take a swing at him.

If you’re a resident of Mexico or California, you just might get the chance. Piñatas made in the likeness of the real estate magnate and 2016 GOP presidential candidate, who is currently tied with former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush for first place, according to Breitbart.

According to an Associated Press report, Dalton Avalos Ramirez of Reynosa made the Donald Trump piñata “because of the hatred Trump expressed for the Mexican people.” He noted that, in their own way, the Trump piñatas had proven popular. “People want to burn the piñatas. They want to break them,” he said.

Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles planned to fill Trump-piñatas with trash and break them in an effort to make the newly declared politician unwelcome, but were having difficulty locating them as they were mostly sold out.

Luis Marin of the shop “Amazing Piñatas” told L.A. Weekly, “Every time we bring one out, it doesn’t last more than half an hour in the store. We have a lot of orders. People come buy them and say they can’t find them anywhere else.”

Trump incensed many when, during the speech announcing his presidential run, he stated, “When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best … They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.”

Not even a month later, Trump made continued his inflammatory tirade against Mexico by politicizing the death of Kathryn Steinle, a 32-year-old woman shot dead in San Francisco.

“What about the undocumented immigrant with a record who killed the beautiful young women (in front of her father) in San Fran. Get smart,” he wrote on Twitter.

“This is an absolutely disgraceful situation and I am the only one that can fix it,” Trump said in a statement. “Nobody else has the guts to even talk about it. That won’t happen if I become President. The American people deserve a wall to protect our jobs, economy and our safety,” he continued, referring to the physical wall he wants to construct between the U.S. and Mexico border.

A number of companies have cut all ties with Trump as a result of his anti-Mexican comments, all of which have been ridiculed in turn by the gratingly loquacious billionaire. According to ABC News, they include Univision, NBCUniversal, Macy’s, NASCAR, ESPN, Serta, the PGA, and the Federal Aviation Administration, which announced it was renaming three Donald Trump related flight coordinates —  UFIRD, DONLD, and TRMMP — that are above Palm Beach International Airport.


  1. EndUser2015

    Hrm, well I’ll side for this people in glass houses should not throw rocks… I can say I am angry about illegal immigration I went through it to get my wife here *took two years, expensive fees and a lot of time and patience but we did it* … I don’t support amnesty for illegals, I don’t support a free pass to illegals, I don’t appreciate having the time, effort and emotions I had to put up with waiting for my wife to get approved to come here be deluded by seeing others get away with breaking the law!, and anyone else who went through the process themselves I know would agree with me….

    So I say this, don’t like it Deal with it but Trump is just saying the in your face things others are too scared to say!

    • Eduardo Antonio Baz Harvill

      I think that americans have it all wrong, its not the illegals that are a problema, its the people who hire them, if their is no Jobs for people outside the USA, who dont have a Green card then they wount come, simple, easy to understand, your only problema would be that all restaurants would close, and you would have trouble getting out of youre house with no mexican baby sitter on site.

  2. Dave Francis

    When even Hillary Clinton is
    forced to criticize sloppy policies on immigration, they know they have gone
    too far. That’s nothing new for a city of San Francisco Liberal municipal government, but that is
    only one of 200 cities in the United States, that refuse to cooperate with
    immigration authorities which seems utterly ridiculous? How can a city ignore
    federal Rule of Law, as annotated in the Federal Registry? Residents and
    tourists of those cities are being put at risk by lowly local authorities who
    put the safety of illegal aliens above the security of real American citizens.
    If that sounds arcane, welcome to the new era. Political Correctness has become
    overpowering and an insult to us all. Since President Obama took office;
    nothing makes much sense anymore with law or the US Constitution.

    The families of Kate
    Steinles, Jamiel Shaw Jr., Sabine
    Durden, Don Rosenberg, Lupe Moreno, and Brenda Sparks, all who have lost loved
    ones, which should never, ever happened. Why are Americans not demanding
    answers from the Senate and House lawmakers? How many innocent lives must be taken
    before career politicians of both parties realize the damage they’re doing to our
    country? Or is it they don’t care. Remember all of them have enormous power and
    their wealthy benefactors have red hot lines directly to their offices and
    piles of cash. Except mega corporation can buy their loyalty from Trump, as
    it’s always been since the beginning of Congress. The people come second. With
    illegal immigration it isn’t about Donald Trump, because the shadow government
    of organizations as the US Chamber of Commerce doesn’t have enough money to buy
    his loyalty. Nobody has any influence and power over him. They just want an endless supply of discount
    labor for big business and the unknown numbers of employers. Sanctuary Cities
    should be rescinded and any person from the Mayor down should be going to
    prison. But like the bloated number of federal elected, state and local
    employees they are never held accountable. Those few politicians, who try to
    reign in the waste and corruption, find themselves hidden on some mean less
    committee or friendless.

    What other
    country would put the lives of foreign invaders above the lives of their own
    citizens? It’s absurd. But in the interests of appearing ever more progressive,
    U.S. Democrats have adopted just such a policy and the blame rises to his
    majesty Obama by trying to force amnesty down the throats of taxpayers. Nor
    should the Republicans get of free, for not calling them out the issue.
    Unfortunately, both parties want something and the American people are handed
    the bill. This is a crisis too serious to become a political sideshow. Every
    day, illegal from Mexico, South America, and all over the world is a giant
    stampede through our poorly constructed border. A great many of them –
    regardless of what any of the companies and personages thinks about it – are
    bringing crime, viruses, and economic disaster across with them. Our country is
    under siege, because of politicians refuse to speak out. Consider clicking on “The Dark Side of Illegal Immigration”
    there is many other listings on this website that will inform you of the menace
    of illegal immigration.

    Many advocates for immigration or
    open borders say that people who come here commit fewer crimes than Americans?
    But the simple fact is they are still here illegally and it makes little
    difference that American have criminals that are taken into custody
    everyday—but illegal aliens are not Americans.

    I never trusted any
    government and their statistics. For a start I refuse to believe there are only
    11.5 million illegal aliens in America. It’s only what the Census takers
    are led to believe? However, I do have credence in how much money is being
    scammed from State and Federal treasuries. Around $60 to 100 billion dollars a
    year in benefits, to people who shouldn’t be here sounds about right, given a
    few billion? If the Californian Health and Human services are dishing out $2.6
    billion a year to foreign nationals, then how many are here illegally in the
    rest of our nation?


    • Eduardo Antonio Baz Harvill

      Well I have bad news Francis, illegals as you call them are also human beings, maybe you forgot that, but its ok you are american and its only been 50 years that you banned slavery, but any way Mexicans or any other nationalities that come into the USA illegaly only do it on account of the salaries you offer, dont give out Jobs which are underpayed and overworked get the negros to the Jobs again.

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