West Bengal government releases 64 new files on Netaji to public

Released files disclose snooping on Bose’s family, suspicions over death.


By Raghavendra M

With the West Bengal government releasing new secret files on Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, the debate on what really happened to the legendary freedom fighter has started again.

The government has released 64 classified files with over 12,000 pages, which will now be on display at the Kolkata police museum.

These files, the digital version of which will be provided to public viewing on Monday, are expected to throw some light on the mystery of decades. Bose was believed until now that he had died in a plane crash in 1945 in Taipei, Taiwan.


There are many more files sitting declassified in the National Archives in Delhi.

“We know the birth date of Netaji but not his death date. It’s unfortunate and unbelievable. The Centre has many files which should be made public,” NDTV report quoted West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerji as saying.

A first look, members of Netaji’s family said, confirmed what they had suspected for almost 70 years, that the Bose family was spied on by the government, the report said.


The digital version of the released files was handed over to the family of revered freedom fighter.

“I was able to look at the snooping files. There was surveillance on my father Amiya Nath Bose, Shishir Bose and Arabindo Bose. Why should there be surveillance on members of the Bose family and Netaji’s followers?”, Netaji’s grand-nephew Chandra Bose was quoted as saying.

One of the release documents reveals a letter, said to be written by the former Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru to the prime minister of England. In the letter, Nehru calls Bose a “war criminal”.

The letter is here:

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